What Perfume Does Bella Hadid Wear?

The American supermodel Bella Hadid or rather, Isabella Khair Hadid is well known for her impeccable choices when it comes to outfits. Coming from a family that can be considered modeling royalty, she has had the time to groom her looks from a young age.

For most, she may just be the daughter of former model Yolanda Foster, and sister of Gigi Hadid but Bella Hadid is a fashion force in her own right. After she entered the industry at the age of 16 with the commercial project for Flynn Skye, Bella Hadid never lacked opportunities.

Bella Hadid’s modeling career has always been stellar, since the moment she followed in her sister and mother’s footsteps. But sheer nepotism does not account for her wild success, which includes the 2016 award where she was voted “Model of the Year”.

Walking on the Runway for brands like Givenchy, Chanel, Miu Miu, Versace, Dior, Michael Kors, and H & M has given Bella Hadid access to the best products Industry can offer. But still has a distinct style of her own, to strengthen her image as a fashion icon. But what among the thousands of products are her favorite, especially the among the ton of perfumes? To know more about Bella Hadid’s favorite perfumes, read on.

What Perfume Does Bella Hadid Wear?

What Perfume Does Bella Hadid Wear
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Among the various brands of perfumes she has come across, Bella Hadid loves the scent of Versace Dylan Blue. Versace is one of those high-end fashion brands that brings to our minds the image of elegance and power. So, it’s no wonder why such a renowned supermodel like Bella Hadid prefers this as her signature perfume.

But this floral treat while highly regarded by her, is by no means her only staple. Fragrances are an important part of your image and as a fashion icon, Bella Hadid knows that too well. And to this effect, there are 3 distinct perfumes that she has declared to be a part of her daily routine. They are-

  1. Goldea The Roman Night Perfume by Bvlgari
  2. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue
  3. Poison Girl by Dior

Goldea, The Roman Night by Bvlgari, is a unique scent that came forth in 2017 and has been popular ever since. The specialty of this fragrance comes from its combination of floral notes with white musk. Its presence among other perfumes can be distinctly felt, and that collaborates exceedingly with Bella Hadid’s sensuality.

The top notes in this perfume are top notes of Bergamot, Mulberry, and Dark Pepper, for those looking for a substitute. An enthralling mix of Vanilla, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine can also be found among its notes. There is also an earthly scent of Patchouli found to keep it grounded. All in all, the fragrance is an excellent choice for summer dates.

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue was created by Calice Becker and it is one that Bella Hadid prefers the most. The packaging and the Mediterranean blue bottle of perfume bring to mind mystics of Greek culture and Mythology. With top notes of Clover, Dark currant, Granny Smith, and Apple, the fragrance hypnotizes all within its radius. There is also a hidden woody base note that adds to its liveliness.

Dior’s Poison Girl can be considered one of the most popular fragrances in the entire world. It was created by the brilliant Francois Demachy in 2016. With a range of different notes present, from Orange Bloom, and Damask Rose, to Sandalwood, Heliotrope, and Cashmeran, its fans are present worldwide. The bottle comes in a pink shade that brings to mind days of youthfulness and the target audience of this scent is the young darlings of the world.

What Is Bella Hadid’s Favorite Perfume?

What Is Bella Hadid's Favorite Perfume
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Bella Hadid’s favorite perfume is Versace’s Pour Femme Dylan Blue. The perfume is the perfect combination of floral woody and fruity scents, which brings to mind the image of sensual femininity. Bella Hadid’s personality, from her uniqueness to downright sexy confidence is fully captured through this particular fragrance.

The Versace Dylan Blue perfume is a great help in creating the alluring siren image that is distinctly Bella Hadid. Its combination of musk and fruity floral scent is bound to liven up its users. For those looking to make an impression, a good perfume is certainly a good way to do that. And getting a fragrance as unique as the Dylan Blue ensures that your signature scent is remembered by everyone.

Talking of scents, Bella Hadid declared in an interview in 2018 that the scent of lavender calms her down. Her purse always has a bottle of lavender and lemongrass essential oil in place so that people can recognize her through that distinct aroma.

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Bottom Line

Bella Hadid lives up to the name ‘Bella’ and has indeed charmed the entire world with her radiance. And there is little doubt as to why she is famous even off the Runway and among ordinary people. From being on the cover of fashion magazines to producing her clothing line as well as being a social activist, Bella Hadid has wowed everyone.

So naturally, people wish to put in some effort and want to be like this famous supermodel, and know more about her likes and dislikes. Thus, knowledge like how her favorite perfume is Versace’s Pour Femme Dylan Blue comes in handy.