Darshana Rajendran’s Beauty Routine: From Curly Hair to Brilliant Eyes

From Aanum Pennum to Thuramukham and Hridayam, the actress Darshana Rajendran has made her impact on the Malayalam film industry. Coming to the world of movies after a background in Finance had been hard, but the diva took to the challenge and made quite a name for herself.

Her acting throughout her entire career has been fabulous. But her fans are more in awe of her beauty and looks, which are versatile in every movie.

Her image through public appearances and interviews marks her to be a natural beauty. Here are some of Darshana Rajendran’s beauty secrets that made her who she is.

Breaking Down Darshana Rajendran’s Beauty Routine

Darshana Rajendran's Beauty Routine
Darshana Rajendran / Instagram.com

Darshana Rajendran is a natural beauty who wows the audience with her every performance. Her looks are unparalleled, but fans can achieve a resemblance by cultivating their image like her. So here is Rajendran’s entire look broken down for the readers.

The Trending Natural Curly Hair

Keeping naturally curly hair curly instead of straightening them is a new trend that has been embraced by society. None more so than icon Darshana Rajendran who knows how to flaunt her gorgeous curls very well.

Not only do they set her apart from other actresses, but they suit her face and appearance well enough to enhance her natural look.

Maintaining naturally curly hair can be difficult as it is prone to frizz, but the added volume more than makes up for it. Not to mention it needs much less time and money than other hairstyles.

The hair provides a certain versatility, with each day it can look different. Thus it is no wonder people everywhere are embracing their curls and opting for them instead of a straightener.

Natural Ingredients In Skincare

Beauty is an essential part of the lives of those involved in the entertainment industry. But Indian actresses like Darshana Rajendran are known for choosing to opt for home remedies and Ayurvedic ingredients for their skin and haircare needs. These ingredients are essentially collected from the environment, offering them a lot of benefits.

As beauty consciousness grows, the chemical-infused products available in the market are slowly being replaced by natural ones. Plants like neem, tulsi, and aloe vera are more in demand due to their effectiveness against skin concerns. And it is the use of these ingredients that give the icons the glow that we see in life.

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What Skincare Products Darshana Rajendran Uses

Darshana Rajendran’s press appearance and interviews endear her to her viewers, especially because of her natural look. But going for a minimal makeup look means working hard on grooming and skincare to bring out the natural glow.

Here are a few staples that Darshana Rajendran uses all the time.

Moisturizers And Sunscreens

One of the most essential products in the beauty industry is a good moisturizer and sunscreen. Without enough hydration, the skin gradually becomes dry and rough, losing its natural glow.

Using a good moisturizer means giving your skin the environment to retain moisture on its own. Most Indians use hydrating oils along with moisturizers for their amazing benefits.

Along with a moisturizer, it is also important to apply sunscreen, especially when going out. Due to the naturally occurring higher levels of melanin in Indian skin, Indians have a lower risk of skin cancer. But in the long run, it has been proven that not using sunscreen leads to wrinkles and pigmentation.

Like other icons in the beauty industry, Darshana Rajendran knows the importance as well as the effectiveness of these products.

The Right Eyecare

A very popular makeup trend among southern Asian actresses is the use of a kohl pencil or kajal. This is often used as a substitute for eyeliner, or used alongside to create a rimmed look.

The focus is brought to the eyes through this. Along with it, a dab of mascara is used to make the eyes seem wider. Darshana Rajendran’s natural makeup in movies often sports this look.

Another home remedy not widely popular is the use of sesame oil. It is known throughout India that this specific oil should be applied to the soles of your feet before going to bed. This in turn gives you the darkest most mesmerizing eyes ever seen.

Darshana Rajendran’s Beauty Secrets

Darshana Rajendran’s Beauty Secrets
Darshana Rajendran / Instagram.com

Darshana Rajendran’s beauty both on and offscreen has become a recent favorite of the audience everywhere. A look from a movie can be copied for the effect, but what sets the icon apart from others?

Her beauty is unmatchable, but here are a few tips that can help you achieve her stunning appearance.

A Natural Glowy Skin

One of the most sought-after beauty secrets is the tips to achieve the most natural-looking glowing skin. No amount of highlighter can give the glow that healthy hydrated skin does. To achieve that, icons like Darshana Rajendran opt for skincare instead of makeup. The hydration comes from the regular use of oils like coconut or sesame oil.

Massaging oils into the skin gives you supple glowy skin, as the motion stimulates the blood flow. The Indian tradition of massaging your whole body with coconut oil a few minutes before taking a bath is therefore responsible for glowing skin all over the country. Sesame oil can also be an excellent substitute for its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

For a glowing face, Indian women also use rosewater as a toner. Their flawless complexion is achieved by this, as rosewater has natural antiseptic properties, and can be used as a cleanser. Along with this, they also use homemade masks of milk or yogurt packs and papaya paste for a smooth glowing face.

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The Perfectly Natural Lips

Darshana Rajendran’s looks in movies are usually of women with minimal makeup on. This look is often achieved by using a hydrating lip balm that keeps the lips healthy.

A chapped lip cannot be hidden by any lipstick, but a lip balm along with a nude gloss will accentuate every outfit. A minimal no-makeup makeup look often skips the usual lipsticks, but one with a neutral shade can also be a good substitute.

A Kajal

A kajal is also one of those products South-Asian actresses like Darshana Rajendran are known for. Her regular look away from the screen is always complete with thinly lined eyes that bring them out.

Applying these little black pencils on the waterline tightens and makes the eyes make them look bigger and brighter. They can also be used to fill in the eyebrows.

A Well Placed Bindi

Historically, a bindi was used by Indian women as a symbol of their marital status. But now these little dots have made their way into the fashion industry. This occasional fashion accessory is often seen on young women these days and is a special part of Darshana Rajendran’s look.

Worn in the middle of the forehead, they can be of any color, from bright red to emerald green. But for a minimalistic, quintessential Indian outfit, Rajendran usually opts for a small black dot.

For a fancier alternative, a stone-studded bindi can also be worn as a way to make an ethnic statement. 

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The Bottom Line

Darshana Rajendran’s beauty secrets are not some well-guarded holy grails of the industry.

Rather, the actress prefers natural makeup that accompanies her stunning curls. Her choice of simplicity also extends to skincare and haircare, where she opts for natural ingredients available in our environment.