Juice Wrld’s Last Words: What Did He Say Before His Death?

Juice Wrld, the American rapper, inspired an entire generation of youngsters within his short life span until he died at 21. His discography Lucid Dreams, which he wrote in 15 minutes, remains one of the favorites among youngsters for its emotional and heart-touching contents. A song written in fifteen minutes got nominated for MTV music awards and went Platinum six times.

Jarad Anthony Higgins adopted the name JuicetheKidd first, later transformed into Juice Wrld. According to him, the word Wrld represented his desire to take over the world, and Juice for his love for the rapper Tupac Shakur in the film Juice.

Juice Wrld had a tough childhood, as his parents separated when he was three years old, and his mother raised him alone. Being a religious and conservative woman, Juice’s mother had not allowed him to listen to hip hop in his childhood, instead permitted rock and pop music.

Later she introduced him to Piano classes, and Juice was also good at playing guitar, drums, and triplets. He started recording songs on his smartphone and uploaded them to the Sound cloud when he was a high school student.

Juice Wrld’s Last Words

Juice Wrld’s Last Words
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Juice’s last words came as a message to his fans a few days before his unexpected death. I love you all more than life itself” this is the last recorded message from the talented rapper to his fans. Juice loved his fans as much as they loved him.

His fans believe that Juice had predicted his death in his single Legends. There is a line which showed his life  would end at  21.“What is the 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21”,

How Did Juice Wrld Die?

Juice Wrld was reported dead on December 8th, 2019, due to a seizure followed by a heart attack. He was traveling with his friends from Los Angeles to Chicago on a private airline On December 8th, 2019. Law enforcement agencies were waiting for them as they had suspected drugs and weapons on the plane.

Later the crew members of Juice Wrld’s band, who boarded the flight, informed that he had swallowed several pills before exiting the plane, as he came to know about the upcoming raid. He suffered convulsions and seizures while walking through the airport.

The police provided emergency medical aid, including anti-opioid medicines and suspected overdose drugs. They admitted  Juice to Advocate Christ Medical Centre, where he was declared dead. The medical reports revealed that he had administered oxycodone and codeine in excess quantity, which resulted in his death.

The police reports showed that they captured handguns and 70 pounds of marijuana. They also found an empty bottle of codeine inside the plane. Juice Wrld was struggling to recover from drug abuse which he had started in his school days.

Juice’s mother later revealed his son had anxiety and depression problems and confessed about his addiction and taking self-medication for mental issues. According to her, she had decided to talk publicly about his habit after his death to educate people suffering from drug abuse problems. To help youngsters with mental health issues and drug addiction, she started the Live Free 999 foundation.

Who Was With Juice When He Died?

The Kid Laroi, an Australian rapper and songwriter, was with Juice Wrld on the plane when he died. Kid Laroi later said he was panicked and revealed the incidents inside the plane. The police had handcuffed everyone in Juice’s crew and made them stand in a line, except his girlfriend Ally Lotti.

He witnessed the last moments of Juice Wrld, and he thought Juice was having a seizure, but blood started coming out of his mouth and nostrils very soon. Kid Laroi had a long-time relationship with Juice, as he considered the latter his big brother and mentor. Kid Laroi had helped Juice in his Australian tour, and since then, he lived with him in Los Angeles to learn his studio and recording process.

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Legends Never Die

Juice Wrld must have predicted his death in his album Legends, but the legacy created by Juice will live forever. His album “Legends Never Die” was released posthumously. The album made it No.1 on the Billboard 200 albums and had his friends Kid Laroi, Polo G, and Marshmallow in guest roles. The album has gone Platinum, selling more than one million copies within the first five weeks.

Juice has inspired millions of youngsters and remains an example for everything. He had proved how to achieve his dreams despite the struggles and hardships. His tragic death tells everyone how drug abuse can change everything overnight, despite whatever things you have.