Blackpink’s Lisa’s Beauty Tips: From Makeup to Skincare Secrets

Born as Pranpriya Manobal, Lisa is the rapper and main dancer of the South Korean girl group Blackpink. She later legally changed her name from “Pranpriya” to “Lalisa” at the advice of an astrologer. An only child, Lisa was brought up by her Thai mother and Swiss stepfather.

Starting an interest in dancing at the age of four, she was enrolled in dance classes. She started competing in various contests regularly including To Be Number One. She also joined an eleven-member dance crew named We Zaa Cool along with her idol friend Bambam of Got7.

Since then, Lisa has won many competitions when at the age of 13, Lisa decided to audition for YG Entertainment in Thailand and was accepted among 4000 applicants. In 2016, she finally debuted as the main dancer, rapper, and youngest member of Blackpink.

Lisa is adored by her fans for her bubbly personality and extremely contrasting image. Everyone is mesmerized by her distinct tomboyish fashion sense and makeup. So, what are some beauty tips that Lisa has shared with her fans? Read on to know more.

Lisa’s Beauty Tips

Lisa’s Beauty Tips

From Thailand to South Korea to the USA, Blackpink’s Lisa is admired by millions of people including the artistic, creative, and image director of the French luxury fashion brand Celine. The global ambassador of Celine has shared some of her beauty tips with her fans.

Sometimes Less Is More

Lisa is often seen wearing a minimal amount of makeup at her concerts. She gives a clear message to Blinks, Blackpink’s fandom, that less is more. Sometimes, a few soft shades of pink and a strong black liner does the trick.

If you feel that pink isn’t your color, you could also go for nude shades that are closer to your skin tone.

Textured Ponytail For Versatility

Along with her signature bangs, Lisa is also known for wearing her hair in new and different ways. However, Lisa has a hairstylist to help her out and you don’t. As a solution to this problem, Lisa’s textured ponytail goes a long way. A textured ponytail is versatile and goes with every style as well as is easy to do.

All you have to do is tease the hair on top of your head before securing it into a ponytail for more volume. You could also use a flat iron for the ends of your hair to give it more texture and volume.

Touch Of Pink For The Glam

For a glam night, a cat eye look seems like the best option. However, it requires a lot of work, patience, and time as it can go wrong a couple of times. It is also difficult to wear complicated eye looks that need intricate blending when you’re running short on time.

Thus, on days like those, you can opt for coral shades like pink. Add a little shimmer on your eyelids like Lisa for some extra glam.

Lisa’s Skincare Routine

Lisa’s Skincare Routine

Apart from creating a storm in the music industry and being on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Blackpink’s Lisa is also known for following her “less is more” motto.

However, you can only follow a “less is more” motto in makeup when you have gorgeous glass skin underneath like Lisa. Lisa follows this skincare routine religiously for a flawless base under her makeup.


No matter how tired Lisa is, it is a must for her to clean her face before bed. Research suggests how cleansers have come a long way from only cleaning your face to providing moisturizing benefits for dry skin.

This is great for Lisa as well as other people with dry skin. Thus, Lisa’s beauty regime starts with removing her makeup, followed by washing it with a moisturizing cream cleanser.

AHA BHA Serums

Although the main role of any AHA BHA serum is to exfoliate the skin, Blackpink’s Lisa uses one that provides hydration. Lisa’s beauty routine includes Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Serum which is a starter serum filled with antioxidants for dry skin. This serum provides her deep hydration and the 5 AHAs and 2 BHAs present in the serum promote skin cell turnover.

Eye Cream

Being the brand ambassador of several brands, holding several world tours, and producing chart-topping music has taken its toll on Lisa. Her busy life could leave her with baggy under-eyes and dark circles.

Thus, to prevent that from happening Lisa’s skincare kit has an eye cream. Blackpink’s Lisa uses the Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream to fend off any dark circles and puffiness. The lightweight and long-lasting formula of this serum helps in preventing cakey under-eye makeup.

Caviar Serum

Blackpink’s Lisa’s schedule is full-packed with events and various social gatherings where she has to wear heavy makeup. The stress of such schedules and her skin not being able to breathe through the makeup might lead to premature skin aging.

Studies show that using caviar in skincare provides anti-aging skin benefits. Thus, Lisa uses the La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift Serum to prevent skin aging. The caviar-enriched serum helps in making the skin firm and promotes skin elasticity.

Skin Renewal Oils

Among other things, Blackpink’s Lisa makes sure to take care of her body as much as her face. Hence, she incorporates LA MER Renewal Oil to boost hydration in her dry skin.

This skin renewal oil is famous for encouraging collagen production in your skin making it firmer and smoother. It is enriched with ingredients from the sea, something that is LA MER famous for. The ‘liquid gold’ oil can be used for the body, nails, face, and hair.

What’s In Blackpink’s Lisa’s Makeup Bag?

Lisa’s Beauty Products

Taking a break from her full-glam makeup, Blackpink’s Lisa opts for a super easy 5-minute natural makeup routine when off-duty. Lisa has shared the beauty products she uses for her “less is more” makeup look.

Tinted Moisturizer

The matte heavy foundations do not do justice to Lisa’s glass skin and restrict her skin from breathing. Thus, the Money singer chooses to opt for a tinted moisturizer for a dewy base.

Lisa takes a blob of her tinted moisturizer and applies it on her nose, cheeks, and chin. She then blends it with her fingers.

Cream Blush

For a natural yet glowy look, Lisa uses a cream blush instead of a powder blush. A cream blush is moisturizing for her dry skin and leaves a dewy finish.

Lisa applies a little bit of cream blush and applies it on the apple of her cheeks. She blends this with her fingers too instead of using a brush for a quick and natural finish.

Nude Pink Lipstick

For her lips, Lisa chooses a nude pink shade that is closer to her natural lip color. She applies the lip shade from a lip palette with a lip brush.

As mentioned earlier, if you feel that pink is not your color, you don’t have to go for nude pink. For Lisa, the whole point of using nude pink is to match the natural color of her lips. Therefore, you should also go for something closer to your natural lip color.

Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler helps you curl your lashes without any mascara. It makes your lashes look longer, thicker and your eyes brighter.

Curling your lashes makes you look woke and brings the focus to your eyes. Blackpink’s Lisa uses only an eyelash curler and tries to avoid mascara for her go-to makeup look to avoid getting clumpy eyelashes.


As a finishing touch, Lisa uses a little bit of highlighter and applies it on the tip of her nose.

A highlighter reflects light and makes your skin glow. Although other natural makeup looks consist of applying highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bones, Lisa insists on using it only on the tip of her nose to keep it quick and easy.

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Wrapping Up

From learning dance at the age of four to earning Guinness World Records and other prestigious accolades, Lisa has come a long way. She is now ruling the hearts of people from all over the world.

She has gone viral several times on the internet including breaking the record of most viewed music video by a solo artist in 24 hours with her single Lalisa.

She has gone through a lot at a young age while moving to a foreign country for her career. However, she is standing strong while winning hearts and inspiring millions of people every day.