Red Velvet Yeri’s Beauty Routine: Minimal Skincare and Healthy Lifestyle

Being the youngest of the group, Red Velvet’s Yeri has always flaunted her cuteness through bright and warm makeup and style. She is always relevant and up to date with fashion trends.

With Red Velvet’s increasing popularity Yeri has also been noticed internationally. Her beauty has led to her modeling for prestigious brands like Burberry.

People find her adorable for her big eyes, small face, and petite frame. So, what is the beauty routine of the darling “maknae”? Read on to learn more.

Red Velvet Yeri’s Beauty Routine

Red Velvet Yeri's Beauty Routine

Yeri has created a skincare routine that is uniquely suitable for her skin type. As she has dry skin, she skips cleansers and follows a minimal skincare routine.


Yeri usually washes her face with only water. Later she uses the Aprilskin Artemisia Rice Essence Toner for the first step of her skincare routine.

She uses the toner as a cleanser to exfoliate and remove any dirt or dust from her skin. She soaks the cotton pads with the soothing toner and wipes her face gently with it leaving her face clean and refreshed.

Apart from using the refreshing water-based toner, she double-tones her face once or twice a week. When Yeri feels excess sebum on her face, she uses a Calendula Peeling Pad. It gently exfoliates, removes impurities from her skin that can clog her pores, and improves the texture of her skin.

Carrot Serum

Carrot serum is known to heal damaged skin, cure hyperpigmentation, and even skin tone. Yeri uses carrot serum for moisturizing and treating any blemishes on her skin after toning.

She incorporates the Aprilskin Carrot Serum into her skincare routine to fight acne. The serum is hydrating, prevents any potential breakouts, and strengthens the skin barrier.

Night Cream

Using a night cream before bed can prevent early signs of skin aging and improve skin texture. Yeri includes a night cream in her skincare routine to protect her skin from impurities and hydrate it.

Yeri seems to have acne-prone skin and the tendency of acne-prone skin is to dry out frequently. This is the reason why Yeri uses a night cream to soothe and calm her skin overnight and prevent any irritation.

She applies the night cream before bed after following the above-mentioned steps of her beauty regime.

Yeri’s Beauty Secrets

Yeri's Beauty Secrets

Yeri used to have no-self confidence and her work was so mentally taxing that it started damaging her skin. However, Yeri took hold of herself and started working out for her mind and her skin. Thus, inevitably, her beauty secrets include following a healthy lifestyle.


Pilates is a kind of mind and body exercise that improves flexibility, promotes body awareness, and helps in developing core strength. Although it also has other such benefits, Yeri started Pilates with the intention of improving her mental health.

Even though it was difficult and tiring for her at first, she learned to love it and felt refreshed after the workout. Pilates has naturally made her skin more radiant by improving the blood circulation in her body.

Food And Water Intake

It is common knowledge that your food and water intake plays an extremely important role in the appearance of your skin. The healthier your body is, the more radiant your skin will look.

Not drinking enough water will lead to dehydration and hence your skin will look dull. Moreover, the greasier food you eat, the more oil your skin will produce which will cause breakouts on your skin.

Therefore, Yeri has become very mindful of what she puts into her body. She drinks detox water with dried fruit in it as soon as she wakes up. She also makes her own personalized drink with almond milk, ghee, and coconut oil. These drinks help in balancing the electrolytes in her body, as suggested by her Pilates instructor.

Yeri’s perfect skin is also the result of including salads with coconut milk, avocados, tomatoes, arugula, and mozzarella cheese in her diet.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have hydrating and anti-aging properties. They help fight dullness and early signs of skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines. They are also relaxing and convenient to use.

There are different kinds of sheet masks that specifically target various skin problems.

Yeri shared in an interview that she has naturally started gaining more interest in skincare. To take care of her skin, she applies sheet masks on her face for its hydrating and relaxing properties. It soothes and moisturizes her skin after a hectic day of shooting outdoors.

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What’s In Yeri’s Makeup Bag?

Yeri's Beauty Products

Yeri used to always wear makeup with warm colors that made her look youthful. However, over time, as she has come of age, she has grown an interest in a more mature-looking makeup. For such a look, she carries a few beauty products for a quick touch-up.

Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundations are hydrating, long-lasting, and buildable high coverage foundations. Korean celebrities always tend to go for natural makeup looks and cushion foundations are the best choice for such looks.

Yeri also uses cushion foundations for her natural makeup looks like her fellow idols. These foundations are lightweight and silky and give you a skin-like finish.


For blush, Yeri uses something that matches her cool undertone. She usually chooses the 3CE’s Face Blusher in the shade Nude Peach as her eyeshadow and the shade Monopink as her blush. She also goes for the RMK Cheek’s shade Number 4 for a natural flush to her cheeks.

If you have a cooler undertone like Yeri, or a neutral undertone, then you could also go for these shades. Otherwise, you could also choose more affordable options that are closer to these shades.


To compliment her cool undertone, Yeri goes for lip shades with cool tones. For her natural makeup looks, she chooses shades like M.A.C’s Powder Kiss in the shade Stay Curious.

However, for a more similar match to her natural lip color, she goes for YSL’s Water Tint in the shade 605. For a more dramatic look, Yeri likes to use darker colors with cool undertones like burgundy.

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Wrapping Up

From choosing a minimal skincare routine to following a healthy lifestyle and wearing mostly natural makeup. We can undoubtedly say that Yeri likes to go au naturel.

Although it might be easier to choose a bowl of deliciousness over healthy foods, it is not good for your body. Thus, Yeri advises you to choose the difficult option as that would actually show your love towards yourself. We also agree with Yeri on this. It is important to not neglect and take more of an interest in your well-being.