What To Wear To A Dua Lipa Concert? (5 Outfit Ideas)

Dua Lipa, the English singer-songwriter has had one of the best career arcs of this decade. The ‘Electricity’ star turned celebrated her 27th birthday on 22 August  2022 and no one can stop gushing about her. From singing covers of popular artists to perform in her very own concert as a sensation, Dua Lipa’s singing has been a hit.

But before establishing herself as a singer, this English beauty started her career in the entertainment industry as a model. Her love for music was inherited from her father, who was also a singer. But with a rocky start, she was not sure of her career but used her modeling as a way to access people.

People everywhere first came across her music when she released her first single ‘New Love’ in 2015. From then on, after another single: Be the One, and her debut album, ‘Dua Lipa’ started featuring across charts all over the world. From ranking 1st in being included in the BBC ‘Sound of…2016’ list, Dua Lipa’s career took off.

As of 2022, Dua Lipa is an extremely famous performer with 86.8 Million followers on Instagram. She has also performed live in various parts of the world, and going to one of her concerts is considered a privilege by anyone. But Dua Lipa is not just a famous musician, she is also a fashion icon whose amazing sense of style is to be envied. Thus, going to a Dua Lipa concert also means dressing accordingly.

But what to wear to such an iconic show, how to look good enough to be in one of the hip spots on earth? Here are a few handy tips.

What To Wear To A Dua Lipa Concert
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A Plucky Little Pinafore Dress

You can never go wrong with a pinafore dress paired with a T-shirt if you are going to Dua Lipa’s concert. A mini dress in which you can move freely and dance to your heart’s content is indeed the best dress for a concert. Your dress doesn’t need to be a simple cotton one either, splurge on corduroy or denim, or even go all out with some leather pinafores.

A button-up or T-shirt goes well with pinafore dresses for a hot summer day. But if it’s cold out, you can always add a sweater underneath. Overall, the choice is your statement attire and shows that you are bold. For that cute fall look, go for some stockings and boots to accompany your dress and look like the IT girl.

The Latest Cutout Jumpsuits

Matching co-ord sets are loved by all, so it might be a good choice for Dua Lipa’s concert as well. Jumpsuits that give the illusion of being a two-piece are the go-to’s for most fashionable places. These pieces can be so versatile that whether you wear them for a day out or an evening concert, your look will always be on point. And accessorizing them to match your distinct style is easy if you know your way around your closet.

For the cold weather, you can always wear a top underneath or add a coat to the look and still look effortless. Another thing, your co-ord need not be a two-piece type, you can always add extra items. The trick is to keep them in the same color family.

Denim-On-Denim Makes Everything Cool

A daring selection of a denim-on-denim outfit might just be the perfect one for you to flaunt at Dua Lipa’s concert. Denim-on-denim may have been a big fashion faux pas a few years ago, but not anymore. The look doesn’t need to be your basic clue jean. A bold red denim set is bound to turn some heads and make you the talk of the day.

American subculture is defined by a few things, and denim is one of them. And today artists are putting their spin on this seemingly bland choice to make it a showstopper. Wearing dark denim jeans with a light-wash denim shirt might not seem all that, but adding a designer bandeau to the outfit changes it to glam. For a different look, try out jean shorts with an oversized jean shirt. Add some mismatched boots and your outfit for the concert is complete.

The Ever Stylish Crop Tops

Crop tops have been trending for a while now, so pair them with some cute Culottes while going to Dua Lipa’s concert. Of course, the weather needs to be in your favor. Be it an itty-bitty bralette or a bustier top with some high-waisted trousers, the look becomes the definition of chic. A long boho skirt may work with your crop top as well, paired with some clunky boots.

For a nigh-time dua lipa concert, get a metallic long-sleeved crop to go with your culottes and your transition from day to night is complete. You can also go for a denim-on-denim look with your crop top for that supermodel street style look. For a more risque effect, a bralette under a sheer top is sensual, but there is nothing wrong with showing a little skin.

Add Some Sneakers To Your Outfit

And finally, when talking of the perfect footwear to attend Dua Lipa’s concerts in, you can never go wrong with some sneakers. While high heels and boots are amazing to look at and go with the most stylish dresses, sneakers have their fan following for a reason. Dancing around in a concert is inevitable, so might as well do it in your comfortable shoes. Be sure to pick out a pair that goes with most outfits, for example, a gray pair of sneakers is always in demand.

With so many available options in the market, you can plan your shoes according to your outfit easily. For a casual look, go for an Off-White Knit Sneaker, or just get some dress sneakers to accompany your pinafore dress. Finish off with a handy bag to carry your stuff and you’re ready to go for your Dua Lipa Concert.

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Bottom Line

Going to Dua Lipa’s concert is a very big deal so naturally, you have to dress the part. A simple T-shirt and jeans may not be good enough, because seeing such an iconic woman means you should be iconic as well. Luckily not everything the singer wears is from unattainable brands, so there are ways to look like her without making a hole in your bank account.

Dua Lipa has impeccable taste and her choice of clothing and accessories proves that. But if you follow these simple tips and dress accordingly, you are sure to turn a few heads.