Does Sydney Sweeney Know How to Ice Skate? (Yes, BUT…!)

Euphoria is a masterpiece American TV series aired on HBO. It gained millions of fans worldwide over the years.

The ice skating was shot with brilliant direction, lighting that describes the emotions, color grading that shows the scene depth, and camera work that absorbs Cassie from every angle.

But many fans of Euphoria wondered whether Sydney Sweeney had done the ice skating. What do you think? Seeing the professional performances in the scenes, many believe that it is a camera trick or someone else is supporting Sydney. Let’s find out.

Does Sydney Sweeney know how to ice skate
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Who does ice skating in euphoria?

Cassie dreams of ice skating when she got hospitalized for her abortion. This episode received great appreciation from the audience. Soon after the release of the episode, rumors spread about whether Sydney has done the skating. Some speculate that it was a camera trick while others opined that she used a professional ice skater for the perfection of the scenes.

Reports stated that the ice skating perfectionist or the real talent behind those excellent scenes is Danielle Kahle. She is a famous figure skater from America who bagged numerous accolades to her name through ice skating.

Kahle started her passion at three years old. She has won competitions like Novice National title winner, Junior Level US Championships 2003 (bronze medal), gold medalist twice at Pacific Coast Sectionals, Southwest Pacific Regionals, ISU Junior Grand Prix (4 medals), Karl Schafer Memorial silver medalist to name a few.

Her awesome talent paved the way for film opportunities. In 2004, she acted in ‘Ice Princess’ a film by Disney. Moreover, Danielle was featured on ‘Ice Diaries’ 2006, a TLC Show.

Kahle acted in the film ‘Ice Dreams’. She had coached ‘Lion King’ which is an ice show done annually. In 2019, she got the opportunity to appear in ‘Euphoria’ to portray Cassie Howard during the ice skating scenes.

Does Sydney Sweeney know how to ice skate?

Yes, Sydney Sweeney does know ice skating. In reply to a similar question from her fans, Sweeney posted a video of her skating on ice on Twitter. The video clearly shows Sweeney floating on ice elegantly.

What episode does Cassie ice skate?

Cassie is one of the striking characters in the American drama series ‘Euphoria’. The ice skating scene of Cassie is one of the most popular episodes in the series. This scene was shown in the first season of ‘Euphoria’ in the 8th episode. Sydney Sweeney who portrays Cassie’s character wears an earphone and listens to the music.

This was suggested by the doctor. Soon the injection needle became empty and Cassie slowly fell unconscious. The song perfectly merges with this scene and she dreams of ice skating while wearing a glittering blue skating dress.

This was her dream since childhood. The ice skating scenes are captured with perfect use of light and smoke. Fans loved the 8th episode of the season.

What song does Cassie skate to in euphoria?

Cassie is one of the striking characters in ‘Euphoria’. The 8th episode of season 1 is well crafted emotionally and it holds the audience throughout. Cassie played by Sydney was hospitalized for abortion.

It was a nerve-breaking moment for her. The surgeon insisted that some patients love hearing music. Cassie put on her earphones. Soon the surgeon injects the medicine into her. The following scene starts when Cassie gradually loses consciousness as a result of the injection.

Simultaneously the song echoes in her ears and her mind travels to the skating ground where she begins to do the ice skating. The scenes are merged with the song which lifts the intensity of the scene. Are you excited to know the song?

Well, the song is ‘My Body is a Cage’ by Arcade Fire. It was first released in March 2007. It has had numerous versions since then. The song was written by Win Butler, Will Butler, Jeremy Gara, Tim Kingsbury, Richard Reed Parry, and Regine Chassagne. It is one of the songs in their album ‘Neon Bible’. 

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Wrapping Up

Euphoria is one of the popular series in Hollywood. It is unique and the cinematography is at a top-notch level. The actors and actresses had given their best for each episode. This is the reason why it has multiple seasons.

The series is created and written by Sam Levinson. It took inspiration from the Israeli teen drama of the same name. It has 2 seasons comprising 18 episodes. The series was released in June 2016.

Sydney Sweeney transformed her into Cassie and her efforts reaped success. So the question is not about ice skating, every scene of her shows the range of her acting. Sweeney is capable of acting in-depth characters in movies and TV series.