Is Ariana Grande Perfume Worth it?

Ariana Grande is exceptional in her field. The talented singer and actress started her perfume line in 2015. Grande has launched numerous perfume varieties since then.

Like most celebrities who invest in business ventures, Grande invested her money in fragrance, fashion, and cosmetics.

Usually, female celebrities focus on such areas except for some who search for other business opportunities like real estate, toy production, and so on.

These different perfume models differ in scent, style, bottle design, components, intention, and so on. Is Ariana Grande perfume worth it? Or her perfume sales boom due to her stardom? Let’s find out.

Is Ariana Grande Perfume Worth it
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Is Ariana Grande’s Perfumes Good?

Ariana Grande’s perfumes have excellent quality. It was made with proper research and thorough market analysis.

Grande invested quite a good capital to develop her perfume line way back in 2015. Based on the reviews, her perfumes especially Cloud, Ari, and Sweet like Candy are superb in terms of their notes, freshness, and fascinating scent.

How Long Lasting is Ariana Grande Perfume?

Ariana Grande’s perfumes have good longevity. It has an average long-lasting period of more than 4 hours.  However, the scent remains on the skin for 8 hours.  The perfumes like R.E.M and Thank u Next have 5+ hours of longevity.

Some users reviewed that the perfumes last longer than mentioned in articles and product descriptions. It depends upon the individuals, the nature of activities that they are involved in, the skin texture, etc. 

Which Ariana Fragrance is the Best?

Ariana Grande perfumes are of excellent quality and scent. There are numerous picks for the best one. It depends upon the user’s intention or preference. However, CLOUD Eau de parfum is the best Ariana Grande perfume.

This fifth perfume edition was launched on September 23, 2018. Unlike her other fragrance bottles, CLOUD lacked a geometric shape and a fuzzy pom pom. The bottle is seated on a cloud-shaped holder and it has a cloud-shaped stopper too thus making its design unique among her other perfume models. This perfume won awards in ‘The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2019’ in various categories.

This perfume has top notes of lavender, pear, and zesty bergamot. The mid note includes whipped cream, praline, coconut, and vanilla orchid. Musk and woody notes comprise the base one.

In 2021, CLOUD perfume was sold every 11 seconds in Ulta. The perfume has a soothing, creamy, and addictive scent which made it popular among women. Grande also launched the second version of the cloud, ‘Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense Eau de Parfum’.

The average spray dose for Cloud is 3-4 times. It smells magical in all seasons.

What is the Longest Lasting Ariana Grande Perfume?

Ariana Grande’s perfumes R.E.M Eau de parfum and Thank U Next Eau de Parfum have a long-lasting scent compared to her other line of fragrances. Both these perfumes have longevity of more than 5 hours.

R.E.M Eau de Parfum was launched in 2020. The perfume bottle describes it as an intergalactic journey of femininity and power. R.E.M refers to the shortest stage of sleep. Grande selected this name by taking inspiration from the fourth track of her album ‘Sweetener’ which won the grammy award in 2018. REM perfume is one of the most expensive Ariana Grande perfumes.

This perfume is intended to use in any season or throughout the year. The scent is of a combination of marshmallow, salted caramel, juicy fig, and quince. This comprises the top notes. The mid notes have pear blossom and lavender blossom as components and base notes include tonka bean, musk, and sandalwood.

In appearance, the bottle is simple and clear with a bottle holder. The perfume bottle is seated on a crystal throne which adds luxury to the product.

Thank u Next Eau de Parfum suits best in spring and summer. This perfume has a sweet coconut scent. It is one of the cheapest Grande perfumes. It has white pear and white raspberry as top notes, pink rose petals and crème de coconut as mid notes, and velvet musk and macaroon sugar as base notes.

This perfume is placed inside a broken heart which forms the holder of the perfume. The main scents come from coconut and raspberry components.

By far, these two perfumes are the long-lasting Ariana Grande perfumes among her line of fragrances.

Is Ariana Grande Perfume Worth it?

Ariana Grande’s perfume collection comes with varied designs, scents, and aesthetics. Grande was successful in maintaining the popularity of her perfumes. After the reviews of numerous users, reports suggest that Grande’s perfumes are worth the money.

But some users said that some models cost a bit higher than needed. But other groups claim that some of the models are underpriced. Grande has very well incorporated her albums with some perfume models. This is a part of her marketing strategy and it proved successful too.

Moreover, she tried to gain a monopoly in the perfume market by releasing new models from time to time.

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Wrapping Up

Ariana Grande proved as a successful entrepreneur through her perfume line. Their innovative approach, research, and quality raw materials paved the way for her success. Hence, Grande was able to introduce new models over the years.