Red Velvet Joy’s Beauty Tips: From Glass Skin to Monochromatic Makeup

From concerts to red carpets, Red Velvet is always camera ready. Among them, Joy’s alluring physique and mature aura never fails to win hearts.

Joy is known for her natural beauty, unparalleled grace and her elegant style. After debuting as a soloist, Joy has earned international fame. Her stunning beauty has even garnered Vogue’s attention.

When asked if she knows how pretty she is, she confidently answered, “Yes”. However, she explained further that it’s not because she was born pretty. It is because she puts a lot of effort into making herself beautiful.

So, what does she do and how does she maintain it? Read on to learn some of her beauty tips.

Red Velvet Joy’s Beauty Tips

Red Velvet Joy’s Beauty Tips

As we all know, the Korean entertainment industry demands nothing but perfection. Thus, to achieve that perfection, Joy has her share of beauty tips to follow. She has shared some of such beauty tips and tricks for her fans.

Try Out An Ampoule

If you are not familiar with an ampoule, let us help you. Ampoules are also serums but with higher concentrations of active ingredients.

Research suggests that ampoules help in treating visible signs of skin aging. Joy tries to include an ampoule in her skincare routine to treat some specific skin problems.

Sleeping Masks

An overnight sleeping mask is all you need to protect your skin and help your skincare products work better.

It works as a barrier by preventing any dirt or dust from clogging your pores and lets the active ingredients in your skincare work better.

Joy massages a sleeping mask into her skin every night before bed to soothe and hydrate her skin overnight.

AHA For Body Care

As much as skin care is important, body care is also essential. Thus, to keep her body glowing without any back acne or dark spots, Joy incorporates AHA in her skincare routine.

Studies show that AHAs have anti-aging properties. AHAs can be used both as a toner and a serum.

They help exfoliate your skin and remove all the dirt that’s clogging your pores for smoother skin. Lactic acid and Glycolic acid are two examples of AHAs.

Dry Shampoo Or Root Powder

Anyone who has straight hair will know the struggle of their hair looking flat, and even greasy when it’s humid.

Thus, to make your hair look voluminous in such situations, Joy suggests you use a dry shampoo or a root powder.

The powder will absorb the excess sebum from the roots of your hair making them look voluminous.

Joy’s Beauty Routine

Joy’s Beauty Routine

Joy’s perfect skin is by the grace of her carefully curated skincare routine. These beauty products help her keep her skin healthy and hydrated and free from severe skin problems.


Joy has to run around for her schedules wearing heavy makeup in front of the camera as well as on stage. Thus, the obvious first step in Joy’s beauty regime is cleansing. To remove all the makeup, dirt, and dust accumulated on her face throughout the day, Joy prefers to double-cleanse.

No matter how tired you are, the difficult but better decision for your skin would be removing the makeup before going to bed. Wearing makeup throughout the day clogs your pores making your skin unable to breathe.

Joy chooses to go for an oil cleanser first to melt the stubborn makeup that’s been sitting on her face all day. She follows it up with a foaming cleanser to remove any residues left on the skin which could clog her pores.


The job of a toner is not just exfoliating dead skin cells from your skin. It also prepares the skin for the next step by hydrating the skin. Joy likes to double-tone to ensure that her skin receives both benefits.

Firstly, she goes in with a bubble toner, that is trending among South Koreans, to exfoliate her skin. She prepares her skin for the next step by following up with a liquid toner that balances the pH in her skin. It also tightens her pores.

Sheet Masks For Hydration

The advantages of sheet masks are widely known. They are extremely hydrating and increase the absorption of other skincare products containing active ingredients.

It is best at soothing and hydrating the skin after a physically and mentally taxing day at work. This is why Joy uses them frequently to rejuvenate herself and her skin after a long day at work.

Joy alternates between sheet masks and moisturizing masks. For a moisturizing mask, she uses the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask which is known for winning the Best of Beauty Award.

Spot Treatment

As the name suggests, spot treatment is the topical application of treatments targeting specific areas to address various skin conditions. Such as acne, blemishes, acne scars, or dark spots.

Although Joy already has perfect skin, she has her bad days. However, since her work line expects her to be perfect at all times, she tries to take precautions. She uses spot treatment to help remove any existing blemishes or prevent the appearance of any in the future.


Dryness on skin can lead to flaky skin causing the early appearance of wrinkles. Moisturizing your skin is extremely essential to prevent irritation and various skin conditions like eczema.

Joy wraps up her skincare routine by applying a lightweight, hydrating, non-sticky moisturizer.

Protect With SPF

Although moisturizers help protect your skin, it is also necessary to wear SPF when you’re out in the sun. In the worst possible scenario, being exposed to the harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer. Thus, sunscreen does a lot more than prevent your skin from tanning.

For a person like Joy who needs to work under the sun as an actress as well as on stage at festivals, sunscreen is a necessity.

Always try to choose a sunscreen that suits your skin type with an SPF above 30 for best results.

Joy’s Beauty Secrets

What’s In Joy’s Makeup Bag?

Joy’s bright and radiant makeup looks are well known. Joy has handpicked a list of several products that helps her in achieving the makeup looks that she desires.

Flawless Dewy Makeup Base

The secret to Joy’s radiant flawless makeup base is an oil-free hydrating primer followed by a cushion foundation.

Other than minimizing the pores and helping makeup stay longer on your skin, a hydrating primer benefits the skin by moisturizing it.

Joy follows up her oil-free hydrating primer with a cushion foundation for the much-desired dewy base. Apart from her meticulously curated skincare routine, Joy’s glass skin is also the work of her cushion foundation. A cushion foundation is lightweight and gives high coverage with just a moderate amount of product.

Joy uses the Espoir Taping Cover Moist Cushion foundation to attain a flawless dewy makeup base.

Brow Powder

Korean beauty standards include having straight eyebrows as they make you look youthful. Joy uses brow powders to create straight brows.

Brow powders usually come in two shades. To achieve brows like Joy, use the light shade at the beginning of your brows with an eyebrow brush. Follow it up with the darker shade for the tail of your brows.


Joy uses a sheer blush to make her look lively and young. She uses her signature “windburn cheeks” to look sprightly.

Windburn cheeks can be achieved by applying your blush with a brush focusing on the entire apple of your cheeks. This technique of applying blush makes your cheeks look fuller and more youthful.

Joy usually skips any other eyeshadow and creates a monochromatic look with the same blush. She sweeps a little bit of the blush across her eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.

Warm-Toned Lip Shades

To maintain the monochromatic look, Joy goes for warm-toned lip shades to match her blush. The lip shades compliment her skin tone and add warmth and vibrancy to her complexion.

If you have a warm or neutral undertone, go for lip shades like oranges and terracotta browns to best compliment your complexion.

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Final Words

Like her name, everything about Joy is bright. Her personality, her fashion choices, and even her favorite kind of makeup.

She was also called “one of Kpop’s brightest stars” by Vogue. Her lively image has made her the muse of South Korean makeup and skincare brand Espoir.

Joy has meticulously made a skincare routine to preserve her glass skin and prefers makeup that brings warmth to her complexion. With her art, Joy brings joy into people’s lives every day.