Blackpink’s Jisoo’s Beauty Secrets: From Glass Skin to Luscious Lips

Born as Kim Ji-Soo in Gunpo, South Korea, Jisoo is the lead vocalist and visual of the internationally popular South Korean girl group Blackpink. As a child, being a fan of the South Korean boy group TVXQ, Jisoo was highly interested in the entertainment industry.

For high school, she attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul and joined a drama club at her school in 11th grade. To earn more experience in this industry, she started attending auditions.

Jisoo joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011 after passing the audition. After a couple of cameo appearances in music videos and Korean dramas, Jisoo debuted as the visual of the South Korean girl group Blackpink in 2016.

Apart from being the visual in her group, Jisoo is also recognized for her beauty all over the world. She has appeared several times on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”. Read on to know about Blackpink’s Jisoo’s secrets to such beauty.

Jisoo’s Beauty Secrets

Jisoo's Beauty Secrets

Jisoo’s beauty is mostly by virtue of her skincare and healthy lifestyle. She takes care of her skin and body thoroughly for glowing radiant skin.

Hydration Is Key

Jisoo has dry skin, and the way to prevent dry skin is hydration. Jisoo reminds everyone that drinking enough water is an essential part of your skincare regime.

Dryness on the skin usually seems to be harmless. However, extreme dryness can sometimes lead to skin conditions like eczema or other inflammations on the skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink enough water for glowing skin as well as your general health.

Clay Masks

Research suggests that topical application of clay benefits the skin by increasing the number of collagen fibers. Clay masks help in cleansing, smoothening, and brightening the skin by minimizing your pores and reducing excess oil production called sebum.

Although clay masks are usually popular among people with oily skin, Jisoo insists on using clay masks for skin benefits. However, since she has dry skin, Jisoo chooses a clay mask that retains the moisture of her skin and is not drying.


Your general health also impacts the appearance of your skin greatly. This is the reason why Jisoo practices Pilates, a form of exercise, to keep her healthy and maintain her lean body shape.

Pilates tones your body, improves your flexibility and posture, and increases the strength of your core muscles.

Jisoo’s Beauty Routine

Jisoo’s Beauty Routine

Although Jisoo has great glass skin, her taxing schedule as an artist and Blackpink member can take its toll on her skin anytime. Therefore, Jisoo must put her skincare routine first despite being fatigued over her demanding work.

Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Dry skin, due to its natural tendency to draw dryness, is more prone to dullness and losing radiance. Thus, moisturizers are Jisoo’s holy grail.

Moisturizers slow down the aging process that dryness in your skin can stimulate. Jisoo opts for lightweight moisturizing lotions for a glossy finish without making the skin too oily.

Anti-aging Products

Along with being more prone to losing radiance, dry skin is also prone to early signs of aging due to its tendency to lose moisture. Jisoo incorporates several skincare products in her beauty routine to prevent the appearance of early signs of aging on her skin.

Jisoo uses the J.ONE Jelly Pack that helps in skin-lifting and also works as a primer. Her skincare kit also comprises Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion, and The Avene Gentle Toning Lotion to fade dark spots and restore hydration to the skin.

Sheet Masks

Korean sheet masks are all over the internet. The beauty community loves them for their instant hydration and other skin benefits.

Studies show that sheet masks are essential for skin rejuvenation. Jisoo’s beauty regime includes the usage of sheet masks to retain the moisture in her dry skin. Sheet masks are filled with antioxidants and give your skin an instant glow.

Lip Care

Jisoo has prepared a routine, particularly for her lips. The icon incorporates lip scrubs and lip balms to keep her lips soft and supple.

Jisoo uses the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub to exfoliate her lips and remove dead skin cells to avoid dry, flaky, chapped lips.

After scrubbing your lips you need a lip balm to lock the softness and moisturize your lips. Thus, Jisoo uses Vaseline Repairing Jelly to hydrate and protect her lips.

Hand Cream

Frequent washing of hands or dealing with housework might lead to damaged hands as our hands dry faster. Your hands end up with dry, cracked skin and start showing signs of premature aging. Thus, it is essential to moisturize and protect your hands. Jisoo uses the L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream for hydrating and keeping her hands soft and supple.

What’s In Jisoo’s Makeup Bag?

Jisoo’s Beauty Products

The Snowdrop actress can sport any makeup look starting from natural to bold. However, her signature makeup look consists of a natural base paired with a red lip. It brings out the contrasting nature of Jisoo’s beauty.

Perfect Base

Jisoo’s beauty tips include having perfect base makeup. The Dior ambassador chooses Dior’s products for a clean and smooth base.

She starts with the Dior Forever Skin Veil Primer to blur out her pores which helps in the better application of foundation.

She follows it with the Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation, which provides radiant skin with its hydrating properties as well as high and long-lasting coverage.

For Neutral Eyes

Jisoo has big doe eyes which do not need any fancy gewgaw. She uses a neutral eyeshadow palette to accentuate her doe eyes with pretty neutral colors.

Jisoo uses the Dior 349 Prêt-à-Porter eyeshadow palette for her neutral eye look. This palette is specially made for makeup looks that would compliment the Spring/Summer vibe which is similar to Jisoo’s personality.

If you want to try out eye makeup that’s similar to Jisoo, you could go for the above-mentioned Dior palette.

As an alternative, you could also opt for any other neutral eyeshadow palette. If you are a beginner, try applying shades that are only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to achieve said makeup look.

Rosy Cheeks

You need to pair a clean base makeup with equally flushed rosy cheeks. Jisoo has an oval face shape. An oval face shape is already symmetrical which is why you can skip contouring if your face is oval.

The main highlight of this kind of face shape is the cheekbones. Therefore, Jisoo uses the Dior Rouge Blush in the shade 219 Rose Montaigne for naturally flushed rosy cheeks.

Red Lip

Red lips are universally appealing. They are feminine as well as daring and powerful. A bold red lip on Jisoo brings out her sophisticated beauty which is elegant yet captivating. Jisoo applies Dior’s Rouge Lipstick in shade 720 Icone Matte Finish for a flattering red pout.

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Final Words

While Jisoo loves to perform, she wouldn’t say she is fascinated by fame and being in the spotlight. The void a star feels after the exchange of energy on stage is inevitable. However, she isn’t someone to give up on something just because it isn’t easy.

She has taught several million people all over the world to fight until you achieve what you want. Being in your comfort zone won’t get you success.

You have to work for it day and night and be patient. Jisoo’s advice on life has proved that her beauty isn’t just skin-deep, she also has a beautiful heart.