Joshua Stimpson Now: What Happened To The Tinder Murderer?

The brutal murder of Molly McLaren at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson is a tale that still horrifies people. The man had the ball to harass her for two weeks before attacking and killing her in broad daylight.

Joshua Stimpson and his attitude toward women had been appalling ever since he started dating. But that manipulative behavior came to an end only with the tragic death of the young student.

The story was brought forth by the ITV2 true-crime show Social Media Murders, which made fans curious to know the murderer’s current whereabouts.

Here is everything we know about Joshua Stimpson now, including the events that led to his current condition.

Where is Joshua Stimpson now?

Where is Joshua Stimpson now

Joshua Stimpson, the man who brutally murdered Molly McLaren is still in jail, serving his 26 years sentence. When his case was being pled in front of a judge, the act was seen as a malicious one, driven by wickedness. It was proof that he had killed McLaren deliberately and viciously, leaving no room for remorse.

Molly McLaren had previously broken up with Joshua Stimpson, which had been the motivation behind the murder. It had been evident that he was seeking revenge.

Thus the judge declared that he was a highly dangerous young man. His actions were further seen as a very considerable risk to women everywhere, and thus he is made to serve the entirety of his time.

What does Joshua Stimpson look like now?

Joshua Stimpson

Joshua Stimpson is still in jail, serving his sentence, and will likely never leave prison. His term was a minimum of 26 years in prison, despite his pleas to reduce the sentence. Joshua had pled guilty to manslaughter but had wanted to argue on terms of diminished responsibility occurring from a mental illness.

However, the judges had seen exactly how manipulative, conniving, and overall vicious Joshua was. His previous history of attacking ex-girlfriends helped the jury come to a decision in under four hours. He was allowed to apply for parole after 26 years, but it is highly unlikely that any judge would grant it.

How long was Stimpson been jailed for?

Joshua Stimpson has been jailed for at least 26 years. He was given a life sentence for stabbing his former girlfriend, Molly McLaren 75 times.

The murder had taken place in a car parking lot two weeks after the couple had broken up. And the Jury found him guilty immediately, claiming that he had taken Molly’s life quite deliberately and viciously.

Joshua Stimpson’s release date

Joshua Stimpson was sentenced to prison for a minimum of 26 years, making him eligible for parole in January 2044.

Stimpson may be eligible for parole after the minimum time period had passed, but it is highly unlikely that any judge would allow it. The evidence against him had been enough to find him guilty immediately. His lack of remorse made it evident that he is still and will always be a threat to women.

A Brief Summary Of The Harrowing Events

Molly McLaren had been a bubbly 23-year-old student when she met Joshua Stimpson in 2016. The 26-year-old warehouse worker had been to a doctor and was put on prescribed medicine that year, but had failed to follow through. The two had met via the newly released dating app Tinder and had hit off instantly.

But it was soon evident that Stimpson had a very possessive nature. Their relationship did not last long, and after taking her friends’ advice, she finally broke up with him in June 2017. Her friends were much concerned about Stimpson, a fact proved by how poorly he took the news.

As soon as the pair were broken up, Stimpson started posting nasty rumors about her on Facebook. He spread lies about her cocaine habit as well as drug abuse on social media and even tagged her parents.

Molly had gone to the police with her complaints, feeling quite scared. But the police just issued Stimpson a warning, leaving him free to do whatever he liked. On record, he had shown no remorse for his online harassment, stating that he had done nothing wrong.

It all came to a head on 29th June 2017 when Stimpson followed Molly to her gym and even attempted to work out in the same room as her. Molly was naturally scared and called her mother, who urged her to return home.

But that was not to be, Stimpson followed her into the car park, and jumped into the car to attack her. He had with him a knife he had brought from Asda and had stabbed her 75 times. Molly had tried to drive off and had even beeped the horn continually, but sadly died within minutes.

Thereafter a passing car heard the horns and called for help. After his arrest, he was taken to the Maidstone Crown Court, where the jury took a bit more than two hours to find him guilty. Stimpson was then sentenced to life in prison and has to serve at least 26 years before applying for parole.

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Bottom Line

Thus we see that Joshua Stimpson was a vicious man, who had deliberately murdered Molly McLaren. He was sentenced to life in 2018 for his crime and is still in prison, eligible for parole in 2044.