Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty Routine: Her Secrets To Healthy Skin And Hair

Kangana Ranaut, the Indian actress is known for her diverse roles in movies. The icon has won several awards for her skills, including National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards.

She started out as a model but expanded her field when she felt that there was no scope for creativity there.

Kangana’s movies like Gangster, Woh Lamhe, and Life in a… Metro made the audience aware of her phenomenal abilities. And along with her skills, her beauty too awed the audience. But what are Kangana Ranaut’s special beauty secrets? Read on to know all about the icon.

Breaking Down Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty Routine

Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty Routine
Kangana Ranaut / Instagram.com

Kangana Ranaut’s beauty routine is nothing too extravagant, the icon believes that less is more when it comes to chemicals. Her skincare routine is therefore simple, with only a few steps to be followed religiously.

The diva mainly believes in using natural ingredients for an added glow.


Cleansing is an important step in Kangana Ranaut’s skincare routine. The actress follows the CTM method quite religiously, making sure she starts her mornings with a fresh face. Her cleansing ritual helps her rid her face of particles and dead cells, and ready it for the day.

Kangana uses only the best cleansing products available in the market. One particular formula she always keeps handy is soap-free cleansers. For the icon, using harsh cleansers is a big no-no as they tend to leave the skin stripped of its natural moisture.


The next step in Kangana Ranaut’s list of beauty secrets is a toner. Toning the skin after cleansing is extremely important as it readies the face to absorb the moisture from the following products. A toner also helps with the skin’s elasticity by minimizing the appearance of pores.


Kangana Ranaut always keeps her face moisturized with healthy products. For her, this is a great way to combat skin issues. Despite popular belief, moisturizing daily actually helps oily skin combat its natural oiliness. Moisturizers keep the skin hydrated, glowing, and soft.

Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the face. They often tend to get dehydrated, and as a result, we get dark circles and fine lines in the area. To avoid those, Kangana Ranaut uses an eye cream, that reduces puffiness and prevents wrinkles.

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A sure-shot way to age fast is to not wear sunscreen wherever you step out. So one of Kangana’s biggest beauty secrets is a powerful SPF that can protect her skin against the UV rays of the sun.

This helps her preserve her skin’s youthfulness by preventing wrinkles.

Hair Oil Champi

Kangana Ranaut’s curly hair is what sets her apart in the industry. But her envious curls cannot alone be achieved with products. The icon spends a considerable amount of time taking care of her tresses by oiling them before shampoos. She prefers a homemade oil made from Chuli fruit.

Chuli or Apricot oil is known for its benefits for the overall health of hair. It can change the appearance of hair by making it healthy, and reducing hair fall. Massaging it onto the scalp also prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth.

What’s In Kangana Ranaut’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Kangana Ranaut’s Makeup Bag
Kangana Ranaut / Instagram.com

Kangana Ranaut’s makeup bag contains sparse tools that work to enhance her features. The icon is naturally beautiful and uses beauty secrets to maintain herself. For most day outings, she lets her skin breathe without clogging it with heavy makeup. But some of her staples are.


Kangana Ranaut never starts her makeup routine without priming her skin first. This helps her blur and smoothen the skin so that the products sit easily. Primers also help with controlling the production of oils. Kangana’s favorite is the MAC Studio Fix, which she always keeps in her bag.

Matte Foundation

Kangana Ranaut prefers to keep her skin bare of makeup whenever she is off camera. But when makeup is required, she prefers using a foundation that gives a matte finish. This particular formula is better for those with oily skin as it adds zero excess oil and controls shine.


Kangana Ranaut’s makeup bag is incomplete without her concealer. She uses it to hide whatever dark circles the icon has on her skin. By blending this perfectly, the pigments are hidden and the face looks naturally flawless. The icon also uses this to brighten certain areas.


Blush is an essential part of the makeup routine without which the face seems lacking. It adds depth and dimension to the skin, making you look lively and healthier. Kangana Ranaut’s everyday makeup routine includes adding a dab of color to her cheeks to make them glow.

Lip Balm

Lips can become dry quite often, especially in the winter, resulting in them cracking. But with a lip balm around, they remain healthy and hydrated all the time. A cracked lip cannot be hidden even with colors, and Kangana knows to maintain her beauty by keeping them soft and plump.

Hand Cream

A skincare item that can always be found in Kangana Ranauat’s handbag is hand cream. These keep the icon’s hands soft and healthy from hard and rough as they boost their moisture levels and skin elasticity. When routinely applied during the day, they can be quite therapeutic for her.


The icon carries a mini bottle of her favorite perfume, a Tom Ford variety whose name she did not disclose.

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Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty Secrets

Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty Secrets
Kangana Ranaut / Instagram.com

Kangana Ranaut’s skin is naturally flawless. But the icon loves pampering herself with a few extra steps in her regime that set her apart. Her list of beauty secrets, therefore, contains quite a few natural elements that work wonders. Here are some of Ranaut’s tips for great skin.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

Kangana Ranaut has been involved in the beauty industry since her debut with the 2006 thriller Gangster. And since then she had access to the best makeup products available in the market. But wearing heavy makeup for long periods of time can often lead to breakouts.

To avoid issues like that, Kangana carefully removes all of the day’s makeup before bed. By doing so, she thoroughly cleanses the pores and makes sure nothing clogs them. Cleansing at night before putting on other skincare means you will be waking up with a glowing face.

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DIY Face Masks

Kangana Ranaut is a big fan of natural ingredients and often uses them as face masks. These give her a glow, without any help from chemicals. Some of Kangana’s favorite elements are honey, turmeric, and egg whites. With her busy schedule, she uses them as often as possible.

Honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties, but it is also one of the best ways to moisturize the skin naturally. With natural humectant properties, the enzymes can penetrate the skin deeper to hydrate all of the skin’s layers. The result? A plump, healthy, and radiant skin.

The other ingredient in her list, turmeric also has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It also effectively prevents pores from clogging and stopping the growth of acne. The role of egg whites is to help with aging by tightening and firming up the skin

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Wrapping Up

Kangana Ranaut is a fan favorite due to her stunning looks and fiery personality. The actress is naturally blessed with good looks but prefers understated makeup for her daily life.

Her beauty secrets comprise good skincare and haircare techniques, with natural homemade products.