Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs’ Relationship: Did They Split?

Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs are both famous names in the world of football. Not only are their skills unparalleled, but their fairytale romance also makes for a great inspiration. The lesbian couple has been through thick and thin but has never failed to display their love for each other.

Leah Williamson is associated with Arsenal in the FA WSL and she also plays for England internationally. On the other hand, Nobbs has just recovered from her 2021 injury to rejoin Arsenal in WSL.

Now that times have changed, people are wondering about the relationship between these esteemed players. The question to ask is if they are still together. Here is everything we know and Williamson, Nobbs, and their relationship.

Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs' Relationship
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Did Leah Williamson And Jordan Nobbs Split?

No, Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs did not split. Both Williamson and Nobbs are footballers and colleagues, playing for Arsenal. The couple has been going strong for a while. Their respective social media pages are full of pictures of them together, and both Nobbs and Williamson enjoy expressing their love for each other via these photos.

Both Nobbs and Williamson are comfortable with their sexuality and have already come out in public. They are one of the most popular lesbian couples in the world of football. With the support of their friends and family, the pair seem quite content.

Leah and Jordan complement each other perfectly, whether be it in their relationship or their respective careers. They lead a romantic life, helping each other through tough times, especially when Jordan was injured. When the central midfielder tore her ligament during the game in France, Leah and the crew held together and helped her through.

Jordan and Leah are in a public relationship, but it is unknown to the public when exactly their affair started. No one knows how long the couple has been together but no one can deny their love for each other. There have been wedding rumors circulating the internet as well, giving an inkling that the couple will soon exchange views at a lavish wedding.

Leah Williamson

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Leah Cathrine Williamson, the English footballer is known for playing for Arsenal in the FA WSL. Born on March 29, 1997, the footballer is also the captain of the England squad. She is a talented player, whose role was initially that of a central defender before it was switched due to managerial change. 

Williamson became a senior player in 2014, for the only domestic team she ever played for. Her senior squad debut was made during the legendary UEFA Women’s League Cup quarterfinal. Arsenal was losing 0-2 against Birmingham city when she was bought in to replace Rachel Yankey in the 81st minute.

The footballer’s net worth is rumored to be around £ 4 million, but the number might have increased recently. Most of her fortune comes from sponsored deals with brands like Pepsi and Nike. It was also reported that she had been approached by Gucci.

In January 2022 when Williamson signed her new contract with Arsenal, the details of her salary were kept under wraps. But The Telegraph reported that the players were to receive a bonus of £55,000.

Some publications were in favor of connecting the dots between Williamson and her childhood friend Mason Childs. It was spun from a post where the footballer wished the guy happy birthday with a heart emoji, but that could easily be an interaction between friends. And Williamson is quite happy in her relationship with fellow footballer Jordan Nobbs.

Jordan Nobbs

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Jordan Nobbs is also a footballer, and she is Williamson’s colleague, being a part of the FA WSL team Arsenal. Nobbs is older than Williamson, being born in 1992, and has previously been called a  “combative” goal-scoring central midfielder. She is also on England’s national team, having represented her country at both youth and senior levels.

Nobbs’ football history includes playing for Sunderland before her shift. She had been 8 years old at the time of her initiation at the Sunderland institute. The footballer had also played for Middlesbrough as a junior. Her father Keith Nobbs is also a footballer, and she followed his footsteps in the 2008–09 season by representing Durham schools.

Nobbs’ senior international debut had been during the 2013 Cyprus Cup, where she scored the opening goal for England. But On August 3, 2021, Arsenal announced that Nobbs had an injury that prevented her from playing further. But after 295 days, Nobbs made an epic comeback as a substitute for Viktoria Schnaderbeck. This helped Arsenal get a 3-1 victory over West Ham, and got their 13th consecutive game win.

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Bottom Line

Despite the rumors circulating the internet, Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs have not broken up. The lesbian couple has been dating for a while now, and there is no evidence of a split anywhere. Their relationship has been an inspiration to many considering how they chose to come out in public.