Saniya Iyappan’s Beauty Routine: The Secret To Her Glowing Skin

Saniya Iyappan is an Indian actress from Kerala who is known for her movies like Lucifer and  Queen. The actress rose to fame with her performance in the reality show Super Dancer Junior 6.

Ever since her terrific acting in the Malayalam movie The Priest, fans everywhere want to know the secrets to the beauty’s radiance as well as Saniya Iyappan’s skincare routine.

The actress dons makeup for her roles on screen, but no one can deny that she is a natural beauty. Her wonderful skin is a result of two-fold efforts.

She is known for using popular natural ingredients as well as generic skincare products. On that note, here is a decoded version of her entire look.

Saniya Iyappan's Beauty Routine

Breaking Down Saniya Iyappan’s Skincare Routine

Saniya Iyappan explained her entire skincare routine in a video on her Youtube channel in 2020. In it, she posted the details of every product she uses in her everyday life.

These products were made with all-natural elements found around us, and were something everyone could follow.

Here are the 3 natural products in her skincare routine that she uses to get glowing skin at home.

A Good Cleanser Made Of Egg White, Aloe Vera Gel, And Lemon Juice

The first essential product that makes the basis of a good skincare regime is a cleanser. Keeping her face clean is a step she never misses, especially because her cleanser is a natural one. The biggest perk of a natural cleanser is that the gentle products will not harm the skin.

To remove the buildup, Saniya makes a homemade remedy made of 3 ingredients that can be found in our homes. First is the egg white, a remarkable and simple element that is full of vitamins and minerals.

Alovera gel comes next, and everyone know its benefits in keeping the skin healthy and moisturized. And lastly is the lemon juice, full of citric acid that adds Vitamin C to the mixture.

This simple and effective homemade cleanser is a favorite of Saniya Iyappan. She suggests keeping it on for 30 mins before washing it off with lukewarm water, According to Saniya, this mixture works wonders in removing dark spots all over the face.

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Face Scrub Made Of Curd, Rice Powder, And Sugar

The next step in her beauty routine is using a facial scrub. Like the last step, here too she uses everyday items to create a scrub that exfoliates the skin like no other.

The choice of natural ingredients over store-bought chemical-laden ones is straightforward. These make sure that the texture of your face is gently improved without irritation that a chemical exfoliant can cause.

Like her cleanser, Saniya Iyappan’s face scrub consists of 3 ingredients. The first is curd, a traditional fermented milk product popular in the Indian subcontinent.

Next is rice powder which is added to the curd for texture. Rice flour and its benefits have started taking over the internet, especially because of its exfoliating effect on the skin.

The last ingredient Saniya adds is a dash of sugar, as it too helps with exfoliation without being too harsh over the surface.

Saniya Iyappan’s advice to fans is to put the mixture on the face first before gently rubbing it over to get rid of the dead cells. The mixture is supposed to be washed off after 15 mins, leaving behind glowing skin.

Face Pack Made Of Turmeric, Curd, And Lemon Juice

The third and final step of Saniya Iyappan’s beauty routine includes making a face pack that makes you glow.

India is notoriously famous for creating many such face packs which can cleanse, tighten, exfoliate, soften, and brighten at the same time. The main ingredient in Saniya Iyappan’s face pack is turmeric, along with which she uses curd and lemon.

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties which brighten the face naturally. It lightens the skin as well as reveals its natural glow.

Saniya Iyappan instructs the fans to make a turmeric paste and add curd and lemon juice to it before applying it on the face. This pack is to be washed off as well, after keeping it on for 30 mins.

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What Skincare Products Saniya Iyappan Uses?

Apart from her Home remedies, Saniya Iyappan also uses store-bought skincare that is popular and widely available. These 3 products are used by her daily when she is on the go or doesn’t have time to prepare home remedies. Additionally, the products are beneficial for all skin types. So, here are the 3 steps in Saniya Iyappan’s skincare routine.

Cetaphil Face wash

In her Skincare video, Saniya Iyappan also mentions that for everyday use, she uses the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This specific cleanser is known throughout for its effectiveness in removing dirt, makeup, and excess oils from the face.

The Cetaphil cleanser is also gentle and takes care so that the skin isn’t stripped or over-dried. People with sensitive skin especially love it for its texture.

This foaming face wash is also fragrance-free and suits every skin type. It exfoliates well enough to leave behind a smooth and refreshed face.

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum

Saniya Iyappan uses this lightweight serum after her cleansed face to give her skin a rejuvenated feel.

For those looking to take a step towards hydrating a tired face, this serum is known to work wonders. Made with organic leaf of life extracts, the skin is left behind looking radiant, with its texture refined.

A-Derma Epitheliale A.H. Ultra-Soothing Repairing Cream

The last step in Saniya Iyappan’s skincare routine that she follows daily is applying moisturizer. A-Derma’s Epithelial A.H. Ultra-Soothing Repairing Cream is mostly made of natural ingredients which help the epidermal repair of weakened skin. The product is known to work fast and provide instant relief.

Along with her home remedies, these three products are the main components of Saniya Iyappan’s skincare routine.

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Saniya Iyappan’s Beauty Secrets

Saniya Iyappan’s appearance in movies is carefully curated by stylists. But in life, Saniya Iyappan prefers a minimalistic approach to makeup.

Her clean girl look consists of good basic skincare along with 3 makeup staples. Here are the 3 basic products that are included in Saniya Iyappan’s beauty routine.

A Little Eyebrow Pencil

Saniya Iyappan prefers filling in the front of her eyebrows with little strokes to resemble natural hair before filling in the rest. For this purpose, Iyappan prefers a brow pencil instead of other eyebrow products like gels and waxes.

These shape up the brows nicely and makes them look bold and dark. As for other eye makeup, Saniya Iyappan prefers going on without any, even a kohl liner.

A Blush For Flushed Cheeks

A subtle morning look that is accompanied by flushed cheeks looks undoubtedly beautiful. And Saniya Iyappan’s everyday minimal makeup is always accompanied by them.

Her favorite blush is liquid blushes, as they are easy to blend and offer a natural hydrated flush to the skin. Her blush of choice is the Bene tint lip and cheek stains, which gives her face a rose-tinted flush.

Pink Nude Lipsticks For A Minimal Look

To complete her minimal makeup look, the last makeup product she uses is pink nude lipstick. Her brand of choice is M.A.C which offers shades like Yash and Whirl for the ultimate clean girl look.

With this lipstick her look of minimalistic makeup where the focus is on the skin underneath is complete.

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The Bottom Line

Saniya Iyappan’s natural beauty shines from her roles in powerful movies like Apothecary, Pretham 2, and Lucifer. But Saniya Iyappan’s skincare routine is very simple.

She proves that if natural ingredients are used alongside chemical products, healthy glowing skin can be easily achieved.