What Is Jeff Bezos’ IQ? Jeff Bezos Is A Genius

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world’s largest retailer Amazon and aerospace manufacturer, Blue Origin. Although there are no numerical data to prove his IQ, his actions have already proven that he is a genius. When he started Amazon in 1994, no one thought it would become a giant in the e-commerce industry except Jeff Bezos. Only a person with high IQ levels can discover opportunities that others can’t see.

Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He credits his Grandfather, from whom he learned fundamental business skills. In an interview, he said his grandfather would take on projects he didn’t know how to do. Despite facing many failures, Jeff’s success with Amazon and other ventures resulted from this training.

There are examples of wealthy entrepreneurs with high IQ levels, but most dropped out of college to build their business empires. Jeff Bezos is different; he graduated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University and started his career at Fitel. Later, he moved to various firms until he left the job to pursue his own business.

What Is Jeff Bezos’ IQ?

What Is Jeff Bezos' IQ
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IQ is a method used to measure the intelligence of a person. Considering his intelligence Jeff Bezos’s IQ must be 150 or higher, although we don’t have published data to strengthen this argument. Jeff Bezos’s educational background shows he possesses higher IQ levels since he attended programs in premier institutes, which demand excellent IQ levels to attend.

Jeff Bezos attended the Vanguard Magnet program at River Oaks Elementary School. The school offered the program to select talented, intellectual students with leadership qualities. Later as a high school student, he received the famous Silver Knight award for his excellent academic and extra-curricular performance.

Another measure of Jeff Bezos’s IQ level is his university education. He is an alumnus of Princeton University, where he graduated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Princeton is one of the elite universities in the ivy league, which demands higher scores in SAT exam for admissions. The scores in SAT have direct correlations to IQ levels.

Is Jeff Bezos Extremely Smart Or Just Extremely Lucky?

Jeff Bezos is smart and intelligent. He had discovered opportunities in areas where others couldn’t. To the question of whether smart people can foresee where the world is moving, he replied smart people are those who revise their understanding. Jeff believes in the smartest way of adapting to changes and learning from mistakes rather than holding to a single-solution approach.

In his valedictorian speech as the best student, Jeff Bezos mentioned his dream to build hotels and colonies in space. No wonder; such a person founded Blue Origin, which focuses on reusable rockets and making space travel more accessible. Jeff has declared his aim to colonize space and thereby preserve the earth. Only an intelligent person can dream so big and make it happen.

Why Is Jeff Bezos Such A Genius?

A person who is intellectual and creative at the same time can be called a genius. Jeff Bezos was a workaholic, determined, and improving, even as a kid. In his childhood, he went a step ahead by inventing a device to keep his siblings out of his room.

In the early stages of growth in Amazon, he recruited people based on their SAT scores, only to ensure the best talents were working with him.

What Made Bezos So Successful?

Jeff Bezos is successful because the company he started in his garage in Seattle became an e-commerce giant. At a time when almost half the world had no idea about the internet, he realized the potential of the world wide web and started an online book store.

Jeff Bezos realized the scope of customer behavior. Every time he measured what the customer was looking for, and from an online bookstore, Amazon grew into a platform for everything.  Now the firm has grown beyond all imaginations and offers music, live streaming, cloud computing, and AI in its name.

Jeff Bezos’s success depends on a few principles he follows

  1. Customer Preference
  2. Start small and aim for big
  3. Follow your gut and take calculated risks
  4. Don’t rush, but think long term
  5. Learn from your competitors
  6. Practise frugality
  7. Never stop learning

Jeff Bezos had a few failures, like the Fire Phone, which he wanted as a competitor to iPhone and Android phones. The Fire Phone project remains one of the biggest failures of Jeff Bezos, but the failure never consumed him. Jeff used it as an opportunity to learn from a mistake.

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The world’s wealthiest people are intelligent and innovative. The last centuries belonged to discoveries, and experts discussed the higher IQ levels of scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. The present era belongs to technocrats who are unbelievably smart and intelligent.

Jeff Bezos is an intelligent man who can foresee many things that an ordinary man can’t. He displayed his higher IQ levels throughout his school days as a kid who loved mathematics and science to the famous Princeton University engineering graduate. Jeff had rejected the offers from technology giants Bell Laboratories and Intel, only to pursue his dream at a later stage.

Jeff Bezos managed to grow a small online book distribution to the world’s largest retailer in a few years. He also faced failure several times. He succeeded by not getting consumed by the losses; instead, he used it as an opportunity to learn.