BTS vs Seventeen: Which is the best K-pop group? (2023)

K-pop started its journey in 1992 and as of 2023, it has become a global phenomenon by garnering widespread popularity all across the world. It has not only brought the Korean waves of music to every corner of the world but also K-drama and K-beauty.

With glamorous looks and style, bright costumes, incredible vocal and spectacular choreography skills, and glittering music videos with astonishing visuals, the K-pop stars don’t let us easily take away our sights from their amazing performances.

With repeated hooks, their melodious songs and appealing lyrics keep preying on the listener’s mind. Fans intensely love and respect their catchy music and multi-talent and almost idolize their favorite K-pop artists. Today, K-pop music is dominating the digital world.

If you are acquainted with the K-pop industry, you must be knowing how the various K-pop bands have grabbed huge attention towards them worldwide and how they are gradually growing day by day with savvy utilisation of various social media platforms and dedicated fandoms.

In this article, we are going to take two popular K-pop bands – BTS and Seventeen and find out who’s better. In case you are a K-pop fan, you will definitely find this article very interesting.

BTS vs Seventeen

BTS vs Seventeen

BTS is an extremely popular K-pop band that has invaded the world by storm. It is composed of seven Korean boys whose hard work and talents have gifted them a roaring success.

The group made its debut under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013 with their music album, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

They have won prestigious awards like MTV Video Music Award for Best Group, MTV  Video Music Award for Best Choreography, People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Social Media Celebrity,  Billboard ‘s Top Social Artist Award, etc. Undoubtedly, BTS is the greatest name in the K-pop industry.

Seventeen is also a well-established K-pop band. On the contrary to BTS, Seventeen is composed of thirteen South Korean boys. 17 Carat was the extended play with which Seventeen made its debut in the year 2015 under Pledis Entertainment.

Several media outlets have called them ” Performance Kings”, ” K- pop Performance Powerhouse” and ” Theater Kids of K-pop”.

Since 2015, they have been honored with multiple awards, such as Mnet Asian Music Award for World Performer, Mnet Asian Music Award Worldwide Favorite Artist, Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance – Male Group, etc.

By comparing BTS and Seventeen grounded on various parameters, let us decide which group has prevalence over the other. There’s a table below presents the differences between the two groups. So,let’s check it out without further ado.





Seven boys: J-Hope, V, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, and Jimin.

Thirteen boys: DK, Vernon, The8, Jun, S.Coups, Joshua, Woozi, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, Seungkwan, Dino, Hoshi, and Mingyu.

Debut Studio Albums

Debuted with their single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool, in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment.

Debuted with their EP, 17 Carat, in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment.

Years active




K-pop, hip hop, R&B, EDM,and pop.

K-pop, hip hop, EDM, R&B, and synth-pop.

Record labels

Big Hit, Columbia, Def Jam Japan, Pony Canyon, and Universal.

Geffen, Pledis, and Universal.

Album Sales

  • Studio albums: 9
  • Compilation albums: 7
  • Single albums: 2
  • Reissues: 2
  • Extended plays or EPs: 6
  • Music videos: 72
  • Studio albums: 4
  • Compilation albums:1
  • Single albums: 21
  • Reissues: 3
  • Extended plays or EPs: 12
  • Music videos: 33

Social media profiles







Net worth

$ 100 million

$ 12.36 million


  • Facebook: 20 Million Followers.
  • Instagram: 67.7 Million Followers.
  • Youtube: 70.7 Million subscribers on 1.8K videos.
  • Twitter: 41.2 Million Followers.
  • Facebook: 4.6 Million Followers.
  • Instagram: 10.2 Million Followers.
  • Youtube: 8.47 Million subscribers on 1.2K videos.
  • Twitter: 10.3 Million Followers.

After checking this table, we can easily compare BTS and Seventeen and decide who’s better. It’s quite apparent that it is BTS who is superior to Seventeen in various aspects.

To go deeper into this enthusiastic discussion on BTS vs Seventeen, continue reading below.

Who is more popular, BTS or Seventeen?

When it comes to popularity, victory goes to the hands of BTS. BTS is more popular than Seventeen due to the following reasons.

From the table that has been charted above, we can clearly see that BTS has garnered far more followers on social media than Seventeen.

Seventeen is not as popular in the U.S as it is in Korea. Whereas, BTS has gained universal acknowledgement and acceptance.

Moreover, BTS has established a broader fandom by composing lyrics in various languages, including Japanese, Korean and English.

Further, while BTS debuted in 2013, Seventeen stepped in the K-pop industry in 2015. So, BTS members are of course more experienced and have greatly established themselves as official idols.

Seventeen has thirteen members, which is quite large for a K-pop band. People often find it difficult to properly get themselves familiarised with all the members. As a result, the attention of fans often fails to concentrate on the group and they may prefer to look for another K-pop band. But, BTS has maintained a moderate membership capacity by simply having seven members.

Seventeen has lesser international exposure and has lesser reach towards fans than BTS. BTS had 5 concert tours including 3 world tours, 6 fan meeting tours, 8 showcases, 4 joint tours, and 40 concerts. Whereas, Seventeen had just 8 world tours, 10 fan meetings, and 10 showcases.

Which K-pop band is more preferred, BTS or Seventeen?

BTS has the largest fanbase in the K-pop industry and therefore is more preferred than Seventeen. The members of BTS are known to always be very humble to their fans.

In spite of reaching heights of success and popularity, they lead an ordinary lifestyle. They have generously donated their earnings to charity for supporting unprivileged children.

They care about their fans and there are remarkable stories about how their fans have recovered themselves from hardships of their personal lives through the positive messages the songs of BTS have spreaded all around the world.


Which K-pop band excels in lyrics composition and vocal line, BTS or Seventeen?

In general, the K-pop enthusiasts have shown greater preference towards the lyrics, vocal line and music composition of BTS over those of Seventeen. BTS gives one of the best rapping performances in the K-pop industry.

Their lyrics have greatly influenced people by addressing personal crises, psychological issues, and social problems. Through their heart-touching lyrics and music, they have tried to establish self-love among all and make this world a better place to live in.

Though, fans of Seventeen opine that Seventeen has also given motivating messages to all depressed people of the world of never giving up in hard situations and gathering positive energy through music.

They have better vocals than BTS and the singers of Seventeen can hit high notes more efficiently than BTS. Hence, judging BTS and Seventeen on the basis of this factor is subjective.

Which group is better in choreography, BTS or Seventeen?

BTS outshines Seventeen in choreography as well. Each performance of BTS is unique and dynamic in conveying the story behind the songs. BTS has given us the best stage moves and jaw-dropping music videos with firing teamwork.

However, Seventeen also been labeled as “K-pop Stage-breakers” for their amazing synchronization and incredible choreography.

So, somehow comparing BTS and Seventeen on the basis of choreography again comes down to your personal taste. Here, preferences would vary from person to person.

Seventeen /

Who is more successful, BTS or Seventeen?

Again, BTS has an upper hand when we compare BTS and Seventeen in terms of achieving worldwide success. In fact, no other K-pop group has been able to surpass the achievements and success of BTS. BTS has been nominated for more times and has received more awards than Seventeen.

Seventeen is weaker than BTS in streaming music videos and enhancing digital sales. BTS has a wider discography, stronger fanbase, greater album Sales, and more net worth.

So, obviously, we can crown BTS for being more successful than team Seventeen.

Which K-pop band is better, BTS or Seventeen?

Undoubtedly, BTS is better than Seventeen. BTS members have skyrocketed in success. They have a stronger vocal line, unique rap line, convincing lyrics, and better choreography skills with remarkable unity and coordination.

Thus, considering overall performance, BTS is better. Furthermore, by starting military service, BTS has managed to capture a larger fan base.

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The bottom line

Coming at the end of this article, we may conclude by declaring BTS as the ultimate winner. BTS is the No 1 boy band in the entire world and reaching its level isn’t an easy task for any K-pop group.

However, there’s no way to deny that Seventeen is no less hardworking and talented. They are gradually getting global recognition and are heading towards a larger success and a better future.