GeorgeNotFound’s Bio, Height, Weight, Measurements, Net Worth & More

George NotFound is a popular social media personality. Besides being an influencer, he is an incredible YouTuber.

GeorgeNotFound aka George Henry Davidson is extensively known for his quality content on YouTube.

If you wish to know more about GeorgeNotFound- his height, weight, body measurements, success story, net worth, relationships, personal info, and much more,  here’s your go-to guide. Have a look!

GeorgeNotFound’s Road to Success

GeorgeNotFound’s Bio, Height, Weight, Measurements, Net Worth & More
GeorgeNotFound in an Instagram photo (GeorgeNotFound / Instagram)

GeorgeNotFound began his gaming career at a young age. He made it to a professional level via his social media. He posted things related to the online game: Minecraft.

His career got a kick when he was noticed by the public. Ever since he posted a video on the game; Minecraft, his career leveraged. Over time, he kept posting videos on his YouTube channel “GeorgeNotFound”.

Davidson created his first channel on 12th October 2013. He is often seen collaborating with famous content creators. Namely, Subpoena, DreamWas, and BadBoyHalo.

Initially, Dream gave the idea of the username-GeorgeNotFound. Henry Davidson was searching usernames for his channel when his screen popped with Error 404 Page Not Found notifications.

Later, he created another channel on 29th January 2020. It was named GeorgeWasFound.

GeorgeNotFound’s Quick Bio

GeorgeNotFound in an Instagram photo (GeorgeNotFound / Instagram)

Born in London on 1st November 1996, GeorgeNotFound belongs to the British nationality.

Currently, he is 26 years old. He has completed his graduation from London High School with a degree in Computer Science. He belongs to a stable family. His family deals with business.

Currently, GeorgeNotFound resides in Brighton, East Sussex, England. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He follows Christianity.

  • Birth Name: George Henry Davidson
  • Nickname: GeorgeNotFound, GeorgeHDPlays, Gogy
  • Date of Birth: November 1, 1996
  • Age: 26 years
  • Birthplace: London, England, UK
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Father Name: – Not known
  • Mother Name: – Not Known
  • Siblings Name: – Not known
  • Spouse/Partner/Girlfriend: – Not known
  • Children: – No
  • Ethnicity: British
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Social Media Personality
  • Education: Graduate
  • Tatoo: – Not known
  • Sexuality: Straight

GeorgeNotFound has not shared any public information regarding his parents or personal life. His parents’ names are yet to be made public.

Many say he has siblings as well, typically a sister. However, the names of his siblings are unknown as well.

GeorgeNotFound’s Height and Weight

GeorgeNotFound’s Height and Weight 
GeorgeNotFound in an Instagram photo (GeorgeNotFound / Instagram)

The social media influencer has an attractive height. GeorgeNotFound stands at 175 cm, i.e, 5feet and 9 inches(175 cm or 1.7 m). Speaking of weight, Davidson is 57kgs (127 lbs).

GeorgeNotFound has an attractive face cut and features. His beautiful pair of dark brown eyes and blonde hair are what make him look great.

GeorgeNotFound’s Body Measurements

GeorgeNotFound’s Body Measurements
GeorgeNotFound in an Instagram photo (GeorgeNotFound / Instagram)

George NotFound has a god-gifted physique. Although his body measurements are not made public, it seems like he has a decent body measurement.

George has a shoe size 10 (US) or 44(EU) or 9.5(UK).

GeorgeNotFound’s Body Measurements


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


127 lb (57 Kg)

Arms or Biceps

12 Inches


38 Inches


27 Inches


Not available


Not available

Eyes Color


Hair Color


Distinctive Features

Face cut

Shoe Size

10(US) or 44(EU) or 9.5(UK)

George has a slender frame and a boyish face. He prefers a clean-shaven look. His smile is very affable.

George is left-handed.

GeorgeNotFound’s Net Worth

GeorgeNotFound’s Net Worth
GeorgeNotFound in an Instagram photo (GeorgeNotFound / Instagram)

The net worth of GeorgeNotFound is 2.5 million US Dollars in 2022. He dedicatedly works on his YouTube gaming channel for his income. He also has his own line of products like T-shirts and hoodies in his shop “”.

GeorgeNotFound’s Dating History

Davidson’s followers had always doubted George having a romantic relationship with Dream. It seems like George and Dream share quite a bond.

However, fans can be mistaken. They are often spotted together during collaborations. The rumors got even more prominent when the YouTuber himself posted a joke on one of his social media handles.

On 1st April 2020, George posted on Twitter that he was getting hitched to Dream.

But, after a while, he made another tweet. He stated that the wedding ceremony has been called off. Fans often refer to the ‘not together’ couple as “DreamNotFound”.

Apart from this, GeorgeNotFound likes to keep things private. He had not revealed a trace of his love life and relationships.

He is highly dedicated to his job. Although the tweet was a joke, George’s real dating history is unknown to his fans.

GeorgeNotFound’s Most Loved Things

Here is the list of things that George NotFound loves the most:

  • Favorite Foods: Burger, Grilled Cheese
  • Favorite Places: Norway
  • Favorite Movies: Harry Potter
  • Favorite Actress: Emma Watson
  • Favorite Actor: Daniel Radcliffe
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Artists: Travis Scott
  • Favorite Outfit: Jeans, T-Shirts, Suits
  • Favorite Products: Gucci, Levi’s. Armani Xchange, Calvin Klein
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series, The Lord of the Rings
  • Favorite Perfume: Ralph Lauren, Dior

GeorgeNotFound does not share much of his personal information on the Internet. However, sources say he loves singing, painting, binging on TV series, and watching movies.

George is a Harry Potter fan and identifies himself as a Potter nerd. He also likes the American rapper Travis Scott.

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GeorgeNotFound’s Habits

GeorgeNotFound is great with animals. He adores them. Here is more information about him:

  • He owned a pet cat. Its name was Luca. Back when Luca was a year old, his health conditions started deteriorating.
  • The reports stated that Luca was going through a rare and terminal disease. Eventually, it passed away.
  • George had an immense interest in online games right from his childhood. He always dreamt of becoming a gamer.
  • One interesting fact is Davidson is color blind. He was seen wearing a colorblind glass. He has red-green color blindness.
  • In his free time, he likes indulging himself in cooking.

George NotFound’s Accomplishments

GeorgeNotFound captured tremendous attention and grabbed immense fame owing to his knack for creating creative Minecraft Videos.

GeorgeNotFound is an eminent content creator, online gamer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and Twitch Streamer based in London.

The social media personality has gained a sizable follower base on his social media handles. Alongside, the YouTuber collaborates with several other YouTubers quite frequently.

GeorgeNotFound makes quite a public appearance with CaptainSparklez, another YouTuber. CaptainSparklez and GeorgeNotFound are famous for their friendship.

Some other YouTubers that collaborated with GeorgeNotFound include Dream, BadBoyHalo, and Sapnap.

Besides, his accomplishments include:

  • His channel GeorgeNotFound holds more than 9 million subscribers. Speaking of viewers, the count has crossed 100 million.
  • Another channel georgeWasFoud has more than 1 million subscribers. The views generally go over 1 million.

GeorgeNotFound’s Social Media Profiles

GeorgeNotFound is quite a social media personality. He has several YouTube channels. Here are 3 of his YouTube channels.

Apart from his YouTube accounts, he is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

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The Bottom Line

GeorgeNotFound is a simple man who is career-oriented. His fans love him for his simplicity.

The British YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound holds a famous personality all over the globe because of his gaming skills.

The young gamer gathered quite a limelight and social media spotlight right after he started posting brilliant content related to gaming on his YouTube channel.

There is no arguing why he has racked up more than a million subscribers and admirers on YouTube in quite a short span.

He is definitely an inspiration to the young generation.