Nivetha Thomas’ Beauty Routine: Her Skincare And Makeup Essentials

Nivetha Thomas, the Indian actress is quite famous for her roles in films and TV shows in Malayalam and Tamil. But it was her debut Telugu film, Gentlemen that helped her gain the massive fan following that she has now.

And among the most asked questions by fans, Nivetha Thomas’ beauty routine ranks at the top.

People everywhere are in awe of her acting, but they also want to know the secrets behind her glowing skin. So, here is her entire beauty regimen, complete with the products she uses.

Breaking Down Nivetha Thomas’ Beauty Routine

Nivetha Thomas’ Beauty Routine

Nivetha Thomas is quite popular for her works and fans everywhere are curious about her routine.

Her glow both onscreen and offscreen is unparalleled in the industry. But there are some not-so-well-kept secrets about it. Here is the broken-down version of her beauty regime.

Organic Products Used For Skincare

Organic products are slowly becoming a favorite across the globe for their enormous benefits. These products lack the harmful ingredients that can be found in chemical-laden skincare. And the certified organic elements also make sure that only the best is absorbed by the body.

A Good Hair Wash Routine

Having a good skincare regime is never enough, for an overall understated glam look, beautiful hair is necessary. And for that, a good hair care routine needs to be established. From oils to masks and serums, icons like Nivetha Thomas are known to keep a stash that helps all.

What Skincare Products Does Nivetha Thomas Use?

In a video with Vilvah Store in July 2021, Nivetha Thomas said how their products had become a staple of hers. The products were all natural, made with organic ingredients that helped the skin naturally.

Here are the skincare items present in Nivetha Thomas’s beauty routine

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Under eye cream

An under-eye cream should be added to everyone’s skincare routine as it protects one of the most sensitive parts of the face. A simple moisturizer cannot be enough for delicate skin that is prone to wrinkling as well as darkening. A good product will always keep the eyes hydrated.

Vilvah Store’s Under Eye Cream is specially curated to help those with dark circles. Made with ingredients like bamboo, goji berry, and pyracantha, it helps the skin around lighten naturally.

When used daily, it helps the skin regain elasticity as well as reduce its stressed appearance.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a miracle plant that heals the body from within. Therefore it is no wonder that aloe vera gel has become a skincare must-have all around the world. It is also used topically to improve the skin’s overall texture and elasticity.

Aloe vera Gel makes sure that its nutrients are not lost in the extraction process. Aloe vera Gel can be used both on your face as well as hair to get that soft shiny appearance. It can also be used any time of the day, whether it be before a shower or at night.

Grapefruit lip balm

The quest for good skin does not exclude having hydrated lips. To that effect, it is essential to add a hydrating lip balm to your beauty regimen. Nivetha Thomas’s beauty routine includes Grapefruit flavor lip balm, which provides an intense moisturizing effect.

This nourishment can change even the worst chapped lips for the better. Its natural ingredients ensure that no harmful elements are accidentally consumed while applying it. Made with Shea butter, vitamin E oil, and avocado oil, the moisturizing effects last the entire day.

The trendiest makeup looks include having great skin, and with these products, it is possible to have it.

Nivetha Thomas’ Beauty Secrets

Nivetha Thomas’ Beauty Secrets

Apart from certain products, Nivetha Thomas also makes sure that her skin is prepped and her makeup is natural.

Being an icon means being ready 24/7, whenever a camera is nearby. So techniques that offer long-term results are the biggest part of Nivetha Thomas’s beauty routine.

Staying Hydrated

A big part of taking good care of the skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day is one of the major tips in Nivetha Thomas’ beauty journal. The icon knows that spending thousands on expensive skincare might not work if the skin is dehydrated.

Drinking water improves the skin greatly as it helps increase elasticity and makes your face look bouncy and plump. Enough water in the system also increases blood flow to the face, making it healthier and even tones.

The plumping effect of water is indeed marvelous, so most dermatologists agree that being hydrated is skincare on its own.

Keeping Your Skin Moisturised

Moisturizing daily is one of the basic skincare steps that ensure good skin. The year-round silky-smooth glow can only be achieved if you moisturize, be it with natural ingredients or DIY packs. Every skin type needs moisturizing, even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.

For dry skin types, the need for a moisturizer is obvious. The powerful ones available in the market are full of active ingredients that can heal even the worst of eczemas, and psoriasis. For combination or oily skin types, the choice of the right moisturizer might be tricky.

So it is necessary to check out the types and ingredients before starting a batch. But the necessity of adding a moisturizer to your daily beauty routine cannot be denied.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Many Indians believe that due to the high level of melanin in their skin, sunscreen is unnecessary. But icons like Nivetha Thomas understand exactly how important this step is in their skincare regime. The truth remains that SPF should be used every day of the year.

Sunlight indeed offers us some much-needed Vitamin D, but there are also many harmful things absorbed with it. Sunscreen is a product that helps protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. It also helps with premature aging, a reason that makes it more popular.

Sunscreens also keep the skin elastic and make sure it doesn’t lose collagen and keratin due to prolonged exposure.

Nourished Hair

Having a good hair every day requires good hair care. Its beauty and shine come from its within, so the importance of nourishment cannot be ignored. Going out means putting hair through pollution, direct sunlight as well as other weather elements.

But if properly nourished, the hair wouldn’t suffer from undue breakage or fall. The best most basic way of replenishing the lost nutrients in hair is to add hair oil to your haircare regime. Trimming the split ends also makes sure your hair looks full and healthy.

Another great way to have nourished hair is to use natural hair masks. These can be made at home or be store-bought but the ingredients help in keeping the hair moisturized and stunning.

A Clean Look With little Foundation

Achieving Nivetha Thomas’s minimalistic but glowing makeup look means focusing more on skincare. It is essential to have a good skincare regime so that the complexion is even. Thus, a high coverage makeup is ruled out, and a tinted sunscreen is in.

Concealer too is very lightly applied, to accentuate real skin while hiding any small blemishes. Hydrating ingredients like moisturizers and primers are used beforehand to give a glow from within. The lack of foundation makes this daytime clean girl look loved by everyone.

Healthy,  Hydrated, and Glossy Lips

Chapped and cracking lips can ruin any look. To avoid that, icons like Nivetha Thomas make sure they are always armed with lip balm. Putting on the necessary lip care means your lips would always retain their youthfulness, free of creases and wrinkles.

Healthy and hydrated lips by themselves accentuate a clean girl look, but some artists prefer to pair it with a lip gloss. This adds a little shine to the overall effect. But an alternative is to add nude pink lipstick, as it enhances the skin tone and brings out the eyes.

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Bottom Line

Nivetha Thomas is known for her roles in movies like Kuruvi, Ninnu Kori, and Brochevarevarura. Her roles in these movies were diverse and much loved, and so are her characters and looks.

But her appearance is seldom cultivated with too much makeup. The actress prefers a neutral look with skincare made of organic substances for the best benefits.