Priyanka Mohan’s Beauty Routine: The Right Way To Flawless Skin

Priyanka Mohan is an Indian actress widely known for her Telugu and Tamil films. She had started her modeling and acting career early on in life, joining the theatre at just 18. But there is no doubt that actress is bound to leave her mark.

Since her debut movie Ondh Kathe Hella, Priyanka Mohan’s name is on everyone’s lips. From her fashionable looks to stellar acting, fans everywhere have been going crazy. But what is the secret to glowing skin, what is Priyanka Mohan’s beauty routine?

Here is everything we know about the products and the steps the idol takes to ensure clear, healthy skin all the time.

Priyanka Mohan's Beauty Routine

Breaking Down Priyanka Mohan’s Beauty Routine

Priyanka Mohan knows that the best way to have great skin is to always stick to a routine. Her skincare regime is therefore something she never compromises on. She follows the three major steps of skincare, CTM, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer religiously. 


The first step of any skincare routine starts with a cleanser. This step makes sure that the face and neck are rid of all the impurities from the outside world. A good cleanser also removes the dead cells deposited on the top layer of the skin.

The germs, dirt, and pollutants can cause irritation, but so can a harsh cleanser. A gentle product removes the underlying gunk without stripping its natural oils. In Priyanka Mohan’s beauty routine, the diva uses a cleanser that leaves behind a healthy face.

For those accustomed to wearing makeup, an added step here would be to double cleanse at the end of the day. This keeps the pores clear of any previously used product that might block them.


The next step in a skincare regimen comes with the use of a toner to keep the face hydrated. Toners are a curious habit, which some follow and others consider unnecessary. But they are the true secret to even, healthy-looking skin that actresses like Priyanka Mohan have.

Toners prepare the skin after cleansing to freshen up the face. It also preps the skin for moisturizer, as well as any other skin treatments. There are various available toners in the market, which are geared towards certain aspects like restoring your skin’s pH level.

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The next and last step in most skincare routines is the application of a moisturizer. Applying this product twice a day keeps the skin smooth, plum, and hydrated all the time. The daily application of a moisturizer also ensures that your skin’s blemishes will even out and vanish over time.

People with oily skin might think that due to its natural oils, it is okay to skip this step. But applying moisturizers regulates this oil secretion, which in turn reduces common skin conditions like acne.

Moisturizers with added vitamins and anti-oxidants are the current favorite in the market. These offer a combination of benefits to be had from using only one product.

Last Step, Sunscreen

The last step in Priyanka Mohan’s beauty routine is the use good sunscreen every time she has to go out. Wearing sunscreen in the morning before going out is the easiest way to ensure your skin’s health. A good sunscreen even slows down the natural aging process considerably.

The Sun protection factor (SPF) of this product protects the skin from a lot of harmful components in the sun’s rays. The recommended dose is using something that has at least 30 SPF. And it should also be reapplied every few hours for optimum protection.

What Skincare Products Does Priyanka Mohan Use?

What Skincare Products Does Priyanka Mohan Use

Priyanka Mohan is an actress known widely for her skills as well as her stunning looks. So it is no wonder that companies promote their products through her. Throughout the years though, the icon has only associated herself with two companies and their products.

Talcum Powder To Look Beautiful Instantly

In September 2022, Priyanka Mohan endorsed Yardley and their entire talcum powder range. The actress had been vocal about her love for the product, stating it to be essential to her daily routine.

Talcum powder is used widely for the fresh feel it gives to the users as well as its amazing fragrance. It also acts as a drying agent which keeps the face oil free after application.

Lacto Calamine For Daily Oil-Free Matte Skin

Another skincare brand associated itself with Priyanka Mohan, Lacto Calamine, a division of Piramal Pharma Limited. Piramal Pharma expanded its customer base to include South India and its choice of representative was the actress.

The ‘Clear Matte Balanced Face’ offered by the brand provides a solution for those who struggle with oily skin problems. Their variety of products like Charcoal Peel Off Mask, Face Wash with Kaolin Clay as well as Face Wipes all deal with oil control.

Priyanka Mohan’s Skincare Secrets

Priyanka Mohan's Skincare Secrets

To be distinguished, actresses often have to work hard and fight tooth and nail for their place. And that means taking care of their skin very well. Priyanka Mohan is known throughout the industry for having flawless skin, and here are the secrets behind it.

Regular Face Packs

The recent trend in skincare is to opt for natural ingredients while choosing a product. Icons like Priyanka Mohan are known for opting for organic DIY face packs instead of packaged products. Using these regularly is what gives her that glowing fresh face every day.

There are different recipes for face packs available They can cleanse, moisturize, and even out your tone simultaneously. Face packs made with organic ingredients are extra effective as they sit on the skin and are able to penetrate it better.


Rosewater is another product quite popular throughout the entire Indian subcontinent. Priyanka Mohan’s beauty routine usually includes a cleanser made with rosewater and glycerine. This gives her the hydrated yet clean look she sports both on as well as off-screen.

There are many benefits to using rose water. For one, it clarifies and balances the skin so that it looks revitalized. Rosewater is also a natural hydrating agent, one that gives youthful skin while soothing redness and irritation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of those dermatologist-favorite skincare ingredients that give guaranteed results. Using skincare products that have this element means saving your skin from sun damage, as well as wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.

Priyanka Mohan does not gatekeep this amazing natural ingredient that gives her such glowing skin. Using Vitamin C serums or lotions often means arming the skin against toxins and slowing down the aging process considerably.


Another skincare secret in Priyanka Mohan’s skincare arsenal s glycerine. Used by Indian women to treat skin for a long time, this product’s benefits come from its ability to retain moisture.

It works as a humectant and helps the skin stay hydrated for a long period of time. This is especially beneficial for those with dry or irritated skin. Its emollient quality also softens the skin well enough to help conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

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Bottom Line

Priyanka Mohan is known for her movies like Ondh Kathe Hella, Gang Leader, and The Mayan. But her fame is also accompanied by the public’s interest in her personal life, and how she keeps her skin so glowy.

But Priyanka Mohan’s beauty routine is quite simple. Apart from the 3 essential stages of CTM, she uses very little product to enhance her natural beauty.