Where Is Chris Chan Now? Chris Chan’s Court Hearing Explored 

Chris Chan, the creator of the webcomic series Sonichu, has always been a target of trolls on the internet. The videos, personal diary notes, and text messages from Chris Chan were all over the internet, and netizens targeted him ruthlessly for his online and offline activities.

Chris Chan was arrested for charges of incestation and is in prison now.

Christine Weston Chandler, later adopted the name Christian Chan, was born in 1982 to Barbara Anne Weston, an office secretary, and Robert Franklin Chandler, an Electrical Engineer; as a kid, he was diagnosed with hyper autism but recovered as he grew up.

Chris Chan created Sonichu by combining the features of two characters, Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.  

There was a time everything Chirs Chan did became a matter of joke on the internet. People faked as his girlfriends, followers, and rivals would provoke him and later publish everything on the internet.

Chris Chan
Christine Weston Chandler / cwcville / Facebook

Did Chris Chan Escape From Jail?

No, Chris Chan did not escape from jail. There were rumors that Chris Chan escaped prison five minutes before appearing in court. There were stories about the jailbreak, and web pages excessively boasted about his escape through a bathroom window of the courthouse, and he is on the run from police.

A Facebook post about Chan’s escape from jail got shared 400 times in less than a week.

The post appeared as Chris Chan speeding past the CCTVs to the Canadian border with Joaquin El-Chapo Guzman, the Mexican drug lord. The Facebook post was a screenshot from a Twitter page that had posted similar funny videos.

The people who shared it were least bothered about checking the originality of the post.

The prison authority later denied any news related to Chris Chan’s escape.

Chris’s lawyer released a statement:

“I cannot confirm or comment about any rumors, but I am unaware that Ms. Chandler ‘escaped.’.

All people did not take the fake news since many believed it would be difficult for him to escape through a bathroom window, considering Chris Chan’s obesity.

In addition, FBI Prisons confirmed Guzman was still locked up in the maximum security prison in Colorado.

Where Is Chris Chan Now?

Chris is in Central Virginia Regional Jail now. Chan was arrested on August 1st, 2021, after a leaked phone call revealed he had sex with his 79-year-old mother. He is serving a sentence in Central Virginia Regional Prison and awaiting a verdict in another case.

Although he was imprisoned, he had sent multiple letters to his fans, demanding he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and that Judgement Day was very near.

Chirs had declared that he had transformed into a woman, and the net forums recognized Chan as a transgender woman. During the trial, Chris Chan asked the judges to address him with female pronunciations, but the court proceedings recorded Chan’s gender as male.

The judges found Chris Chan incompetent to stand for a trial. In February 2022, Chris Chan was transferred to the  Western State Hospital, a mental hospital. In May 2022, he was transferred back to prison after being declared fit to stand for a hearing.

The case has been elevated to a higher level of authority, and a grand jury has been formed. The grand jury will collect the proof and file charges against the accused based on the shreds of evidence.

The details of the jury are yet to be revealed, although the jury denied releasing Chan on bail for security reasons and his vast popularity.

Chris Chan And Barbara’s History Of Violence

This is not the first time Chris and his mother, Barabara, appearing for a court verdict. They had been booked for assaulting a storeroom manager and were sentenced to pay a fine and do social service. The grand jury may look up the previous incidents before coming to a final verdict.

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The Bottom Line

Chris Chan was always a victim of brutality from childhood to adulthood. Although he was recognized as an autism patient, his friends and the schools he attended treated him poorly.

As a result, his parents had to shift schools to keep him studying with normal children frequently.