Does Jennifer Aniston Smoke?

Celebrities are personalities whom we look up to. But they are also human beings with their flaws and shortcomings. We rejoice in their achievements, but also feel deeply when we see them fail at something. But making mistakes is what brings them closer to their fans, and even increases their popularity.

Smoking is a terrible vice, something that many people struggle against. But watching your favorite celebrity overcome that addiction can be a great motivation to quit. Many have quit smoking on their first try while others have struggled for years, but ultimately they won.

Here are some of the stories about our favorite celebs and how they overcame their smoking addiction.

Does Jennifer Aniston Smoke
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Does Jennifer Aniston Smoke?

No, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t smoke anymore. The Friends actress has been smoke-free for over a decade now, after about 20 years of smoking. Being a chain smoker can take a toll on any person, and The Morning Show host is among those celebrities who can attest to that. Aniston revealed in an interview with GQ in 2012 that she had recently stopped smoking.

How she achieved such a feat? The habit of practicing yoga daily. According to Aniston, introducing yoga to her daily routine has made her much more relaxed. Which in turn stopped her cigarette cravings.

The exercise helps the body breathe as deeply as in the act of puffing the cigarette, which in turn calms the body. And Aniston used this technique to quit, and she has been smoke-free ever since.

Aniston’s Journey To A Smoke-Free Life

Aniston’s method of using yoga to help her quit as well as stay in shape was an inspiration to many. However, there was also a point of irony in the actress’s choice of vice. Jennifer Aniston is known for her role in Friends, and a very popular arc of the series is how the gang helped Matthew Perry’s character quit smoking.

A tweet made her struggles apparent, how the actress helped a character with a fake addiction on-screen, yet couldn’t help herself in real life. And as she became determined to quit, other problems surfaced.

Apart from withdrawal symptoms, the actress also feared the subsequent weight gain. But in the end, even though she had gained a few pounds, she became more determined and used yoga to stay fit as well as quit smoking.

How Yoga Helps A Smoker

Many people think smoking is thrilling and glamorous, but that fades fast. After years, they are left with a habit they cannot quit, along with horrible health problems. Quitting may seem easy as a concept but smokers often end up failing. One reason behind this might be the need to have “one last” drag.

People also smoke because it gives them an illusion of escape. Celebrities especially become jaded after years in the industry and find joy in this seemingly harmless habit. But the misery that is sure to follow a chain smoker can be avoided with the help of a few things.

Yoga is a great way to calm the mind and find the peace smokers look for in a cigarette. Apart from its enormous health benefits, it also helps the mind and body develop. Yoga may not be a substitute for medicine, but for smokers, it is a lifesaver. The deep breathing action while doing yoga mimics that of taking a drag from a cigarette, and it is that deep breath that calms the mind.

Practicing yoga daily is a great way to stay healthy and keep your mind off of cigarettes, as Jennifer Aniston can testify. Substituting this healthy habit for a bad one is what made a big impact on her life.

Does Jennifer Aniston Smoke Weed?

Yes, Jennifer Aniston has been known to smoke weed with her ex Brad Pitt. The actress is also quite vocal about her use of cannabis, expressing her enjoyment through it. In the 2001 Rolling Stone interview, she revealed how the occasional pot did not make her a pothead.

She had also tweeted that she saw no harm in the recreational use of cannabis, especially since it’s now legalized. Indeed, her nicotine addiction may have been a hard habit to quit, but with marijuana, that was not a problem.

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Bottom Line

Therefore we see that many people, including our beloved Rachel Greek, AKA Jennifer Aniston used to be a chain smoker. But with the help of a strong will and good habits like practicing yoga, she was able to quit.