Keerthy Suresh’s Beauty Routine: From Glowy Skin To Luscious Hair

Keerthy Suresh has been present in the entertainment industry since she had been very young. But her debut had been the film Geethaanjali, during which she made a lasting impression. Her other movies too made her quite popular among her fans.

From Thaana Serndha Kootam to Mahanati, her performances had been mind-blowing. And her acting had been accompanied by her stunning looks that made everyone curious.

Here is everything we know about Keerthy Suresh’s skincare routine and the products she uses.

Keerthy Suresh's Beauty Routine

Breaking Down Keerthy Suresh’s Skincare Routine

Keerthy Suresh is known for her glowing skin throughout the tinsel town. And while the diva is naturally beautiful, there is no doubt that she maintains her skin and hair very well.

The beauty routine she follows to ensure great skin is not just simple, but extremely effective as well.

For Keerthy Suresh, the best way to achieve good skin is by following a strict routine. The star rarely budges from her daily order and never complicates the routine further. According to renowned dermatologists, the simplest of routines is the CTM method, which has only 3 steps.


Keerthy Suresh’s routine starts with applying a cleanser all over the face and neck. This is one of the most crucial steps in a skincare regime, as it cleans the face of all impurities. Soap is used for the same purpose but face washes help your face retain moisture.

After the face is cleansed, it becomes ready to absorb the next products to their full extent. Some even prefer to double cleanse so that no dirt or germs are left behind in the pores. After cleansing comes toning.


After cleansing, Keerthy Suresh prefers to balance her skin with a toner. This step is a hidden gem that differentiates between good and great skin. The toners calm your skin as well as visibly reduce the pores, making the face look more even.

On this journey of choosing a toner that maintains hydration, going through the ingredients is very necessary. Some toners in the market contain alcohol to give a cooling effect, but those may irritate or dry out the skin further.


The last step in Keerthy Suresh’s beauty regime is moisturizer. After a thorough cleansing and toning, a good moisturizer is applied. Lack of hydration is one the biggest factors that age out a person. Using moisturizers regularly means preventing future fine lines and wrinkles.

The available moisturizers in the market are made of various ingredients that target specific skin concerns. They can help oily skin fight acne as well as soothe sensitive dry skin. Therefore it is important to choose the correct moisturizer based on your skin issues.


Keerthy Suresh always remembers to put on sunscreen every time she has to go out. This product is one of those essentials without which no amount of skincare would ever work. A good sunscreen protects the face against the UV rays of the sun and also prevents premature aging.

Extra: Organic Exfoliants

Another good tip found among Keerthy Suresh’s Skincare secrets is the use of natural exfoliants. There are many chemical peels available in the market but natural products get rid of dead cells gently.

With natural scrubs in her arsenal, Keerthy Suresh makes sure that her skin always remains fresh. Two of her favorite scrubs to pamper herself with are rose-almond scrubs and oatmeal scrubs.

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Keerthy Suresh's Beauty Secrets

What’s In Keerthy Suresh’s Makeup Bag?

Keerthy Suresh may don the perfect makeup on screen, but she seldom does full makeup going out. The diva maintains simplicity in her skincare as well as makeup.

Her glowing skin comes from an effective regimen, but here are the makeup products she uses.

A BB Cream

Keerthy’s Suresh’s beauty routine includes lightweight products like BB cream. Stepping out, the diva prefers if her face is as free as possible, and only uses BB creams or concealers for certain dark spots. This has become a widely popular trend among South-Asian women.

A BB cream is an all-in-one product, one that encompasses several different skincare and makeup steps. These beauty balms benefit the skin in many ways, they add hydration, are anti-aging, and also offer SPF protection.

As for the coverage, the result of using a BB cream is a dewy, natural look that compliments every outfit.

A Kajal

Like other South Indian actresses, Keerthy Suresh is also fond of using kohl pencils or kajals. She uses these handy products to thinly outline her entire eye, and even fill out her eyebrows when in a time crunch. The aesthetic appeal of the product lies in how it makes the eyes bigger.

A kajal is used to bring focus to the eyes, the dark Indian eyes are accentuated and made brighter. And the current products available in the market do not smudge even in the most humid of atmospheres. So, it is no wonder that icons like Suresh prefer it.

A Lip Gloss

The final thing in Keerthy Suresh’s outdoor makeup look is lip gloss. The clean girl trend that has been going on emphasizes the natural feel of the skin. So the look is often accompanied by a pair of healthy glossy lips.

By nature, lip glosses are intensely hydrating and allow the lip tissue to heal and become beautiful from the inside. Lip glosses are also versatile as they offer a wide range of natural colors within their selection. And even for a bolder look, a red lip gloss works very well.

Keerthy Suresh's Beauty Tips

Keerthy Suresh’s beauty secrets

Keerthy Suresh’s beauty is not something that can be imitated. But we can follow her beauty tips to make sure we look the very best we can.

Here are some secrets the diva follows to get flawless skin every time she goes out.

No Heavy Foundation

Being in the fashion industry means putting on loads of products every day. But one of Keerthy Suresh’s biggest skincare tips is not using foundation. The heavy foundation often leads to clogged pores, and not removing them every night before bed will lead to a breakout.

So, to get a clear glowing face, substituting a foundation with a bb cream might be the best solution.

Natural Products

Natural or organically sourced products are the current favorite around tinsel town. Not only do these products give you the most natural glow, but they are also devoid of harsh chemicals. As a Keralite, Keerthy Suresh firmly believes in using natural packs to get a great glow.

The diva’s favorite rejuvenating packs are made with ingredients like orange peel, ubtan, and turmeric.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

For Keerthy Suresh, going to bed means following her skincare thoroughly. Her days may include makeup during shoots, but the actress always makes sure to remove all traces of it before bed. A thorough cleaning process cleans all the makeup, grime, and oil.

One of the best ways to get a clean face is to double cleanse at night. This way, the pores are also rid of the gunk that might lead to acne.

Nourishing Face And Body oils

Many may not believe in the benefits of an oil massage, but Keerthy Suresh is not among them. The diva had grown up watching her elders massage themselves thoroughly before a bath and she follows the same tradition. This provides the skin of the entire body with nourishment.

Some of Keerthy Suresh’s favorite oils are jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and argan oil. She claims that they have worked wonders for her.

Hair Care With Coconut Oil

The South Asian community is popular for their use of coconut oil for haircare and Keerthy Suresh is no different. The diva never forgets to oil her hair thoroughly with this wonder oil 2 to 3 times a week. This gives the beautiful, luscious, and smooth hair she is quite known for.

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Bottom Line

Keerthy Suresh the South Indian beauty is known for her powerful roles in movies. But it is her eclipsing beauty that draws fans from all over the world.

The diva is however a stern believer in the naturalistic approach to life, and only uses products that are organic and good for her skin.

Keerthy Suresh’s skincare routine is very simple, with a focus on taking good care of her skin. Her style is also easy to follow and very simple as well.