BTS vs TXT: Which is the Best K-Pop Group?

K-pop is a genre of music invented in South Korea. Whenever we hear about K-pop music, the things that instantly come to mind are catchy melodies, jaw-dropping choreography, and visuals of attractive performers.

It’s an amalgamation of various genres, such as pop, R&B, dance, hip-hop, and experimental. Through social media, K-pop has become internationally popular in the 21st century.

Every K-pop band has made it’s own crazy fan club. The fans immensely support and appreciate their idols. Some of the well-known K-pop groups are BTS, Blackpink, EXO, Big Bang, Seventeen, Stray Kids, and  TXT.

In this article, we would pick up BTS and TXT, two of the most successful K-pop bands among them and we would examine and compare them to find out which K-pop group is better – BTS or TXT.

So, without any more ado, let’s get started with this comparative study. If you have an interest in the K-pop music industry, you are definitely going to like this head-to-head comparison.



BTS or Bangtan Boys is a South Korean band comprising seven members, including J-Hope, V, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, and Jimin.

They debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment by launching their first single album called 2 Cool 4 Skool. The group soon skyrocketed in fame and worldwide success.

BTS made the Korean Wave seep into the United States. It broke multiple sales records and established a bright position in the global music market.

BTS has won remarkable awards like, the American Music Award for Artist of the Year, MTV Video Music Award for Best K-Pop,  Seoul Music Awards Daesang Award, MTV Video Music Award for Best Group, Mnet Asian Music Award for Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10, etc.

In contrast to BTS, TXT or Tomorrow X Together is a five-member boy band of South Korea. It is formed by Big Hit Music. The members of this group are Taehyun, Soobin, HueningKai, Beomgyu, and Yeonjun.

They made their debut in 2019 with their extended play called “The Dream Chapter: Star”.

The band’s early prosperity made them garner several prestigious awards, including Golden Disc Award Rookie Artist Award, NME Award for Hero of the Year, Mnet Asian Music Award for Favorite Dance Performance Group, Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards, etc.

Now, let us straightaway take a look at the table given below. It shows you the differences and similarities between BTS and TXT and brings out how one group is stronger or weaker than the other. The comparing and contrasting have been done based on various factors.





BTS consists of seven South Korean boys namely- Jung Kook, Jin, RM, J-Hope, Jimin,  V, and Suga.

TXT consists of five boys,  namely- Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun.

Debut Studio Albums

  • Debut album:  “2 Cool 4 Skool”.
  • Year of launching: 2013
  • Company or Agency of formation: Formed by Big Hit Entertainment.
  • Debut album: ” The Dream Chapter: STAR”.
  • Year of launching: 2019
  • Company or Agency of formation: Formed by Big Hit Music.

Years active

2013 – present

2019 – present


Pop, K-Pop, R&B, EDM, and hip hop.

K-pop, pop rock, alternative R&B, and pop-punk.

Album Sales

As of 2021, over 32 million albums have been sold domestically.

As of 2021, around 2.1 million albums have been sold in South Korea.

Record labels

Columbia, Pony Canyon, Universal, Big Hit, and Def Jam Japan.

Big Hit and Republic.


  • Studio albums – 9
  • Single albums – 2
  • Compilation albums-7
  • EPs- 6
  • Reissues – 2
  • Soundtrack albums-1
  • Music videos – 72
  • Studio albums – 3
  • Singles – 21
  • Extended plays – 5
  • Reissues – 1
  • Music videos – 31

Social Media Profiles


  • Facebook – 20 M followers
  • Instagram – 67.7 M followers
  • Twitter – 41.2 M followers
  • Youtube –  70.7 M subscribers on 1.8 k videos
  • Facebook – 4.1 M followers
  • Instagram – 12.8 M followers
  • Twitter – 10.1 M followers
  • Youtube – 9.77 M subscribers on 1.2K videos

Awards and Nominations

Nominations – 535

Awards – 361

Nominations – 75

Awards – 27

Net worth

$ 100 million

$ 10 million

From this table we can trace the various factors based on which one band has prevalence over the other. There isn’t any doubt in the fact that both BTS and TXT have performed greatly and achieved huge popularity and success.

Yet, if we have to judge and conclude which K-pop band excels, it’s definitely BTS. To engage deeper into this interesting discussion regarding BTS and TXT, continue to read the article.

Who is more popular, BTS or TXT?

BTS is far more popular than TXT. BTS has a greater fanbase than TXT. If we look at the table charted above, we can clearly find how BTS leaves TXT far behind in terms of garnering followers on different social media platforms.

Though the members of BTS have become extremely rich, they prefer to remain ordinary and grounded. They remember that they had a poor background from where they have risen up and whatever they are now is because of their hard work, dedication, and talent.

They are always humble to their fans. They have utilized their stardom for social services and providing donations to the needy.

Moreover, BTS has been working in the K-pop industry since 2013. They had around 10 years of experience and practice,  time to make their base stronger and spread universally.

TXT is almost a newcomer in the industry. They started their journey in 2019 and as of 2022, they are just having 4 years of experience to improve their standard and time to grow and explore.

TXT has to make a greater fandom to reach the level of popularity that BTS has achieved. TXT doesn’t have as many members as BTS has. So, the number of fans is lesser.

Who has better music composition, BTS or TXT?

BTS beats TXT in lyrics and music composition. BTS has touched upon multiple genres and often referred to philosophy, literature, and psychology.

The powerful lyrics of the songs by BTS have shown concern towards personal crisis, depression, social issues, growth of self-love, ability to embrace all merits and flaws, etc and these have attracted people towards them.

BTS members have tried to spread positive messages to the society in general for their well-being. Their catchy lyrics have touched the core of the hearts of millions of people.

Their music is filled with bravado and has the potential to metabolize various influences and styles.

BTS is also praised for writing their own songs which are not merely composed for pleasing the audience with their melodies but rather to carry raw concepts coming from basic life experiences.

On the contrary, TXT doesn’t compose their own music.

Which K-pop band does better choreography, BTS or TXT?

When it comes to choreography, BTS is better than TXT according to most of the people interested in K-pop. BTS stands almost unmatched in their unique, complex, and toughest dance moves.

Intense thought processes are invested in the choreography of their songs and they always have a story and theme to convey.

However, BTS members themselves don’t always choreograph their songs. Sienna Lalau, a famous choreographer in K-pop,  has choreographed the music video ‘ON’.

Even TXT is incredible in choreography. The group has flexible dance moves with special techniques. Some of their dance steps are monotonous. But that adds to the groups’ synchronization.

Ultimately it comes down to your personal taste if you try to judge who has better choreography. It depends on your preference and you may like the choreography of TXT more than that of BTS.

Who is more successful, BTS or TXT?

When it comes to measuring success, again BTS wins over TXT. While BTS has been nominated for 535 times, TXT has been nominated for just 75 times. BTS has gained 361 victories, whereas, TXT has gained only 27 victories.

None of the K-pop bands could receive as much hype as BTS received after visiting the United States. BTS is the only K-pop band to receive a Billboard award twice. No other K-pop band is anywhere near to BTS ‘ current level of success.

Overall, which K-pop band is better, BTS or TXT?

Undoubtedly, BTS is better than TXT in several ways. Most of the K-pop enthusiasts are of the opinion that BTS excels TXT in their talents, choreography, vocals, rapping, lyrics, visuals, and personality. No other K-pop band is as great as BTS is.

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The bottom line

From this head-to-head comparison, it may be concluded that it is BTS that outshines TXT. It’s hard for any other K-pop group to climb upto the height of BTS anytime soon.

BTS is phenomenal in every possible way and is stealing the spotlight almost every single time.

However, we should consider the fact that BTS and TXT are two K-pop groups from two different generations. They have their own style, tastes, dynamics, and concepts.

So, let’s end up appreciating both BTS as well as TXT for their amazing performances, incredible talents, and hard work.