Nayanthara’s Beauty Routine: Tips For Great Skin

Nayanthara, the Indian icon is known for her powerful roles that never fail to fill the screen. The actress has worked on over 75 movies in the span of her entire career.

Since her debut in the Malayalam movie Manassinakkare, she has won many awards that prove her merit.

Her entire fan base is in awe of her work but they also are curious about her beauty routine. ‘

What are Nayanthara’s beauty secrets that gave her the same glow she’s had for the last decade? Read on to know all about her skincare and beauty routine.

Breaking Down Nayanthara’s Skincare Routine

Nayanthara Beauty Secrets

Nayanthara may have beautiful skin, but that does not mean the actress doesn’t put the effort into it. Her skincare routine is not complicated, but it is rigid, one without which she cannot function. Her skincare method is the effective CTM, which encompasses all of the basic needs.


The CTM method is by far the best skincare routine for any skin type. It consists of the 3 steps and ensures that you have healthy skin all the time. Nayanthara’s beauty secret inside this regime is the use of natural products that are gentle on the skin.


The first step in the CTM method is the use of cleansers to rid the face of all impurities. This step removes all the accumulated dirt and makeup and prepares the face for the next two steps. With the help of a gentle cleanser, the face retains its moisture instead of becoming dry.


The next step is the application of a toner, which tightens the pores. A toner also maintains the skin’s pH levels while preparing it for the next step. Not using toners often leads to clogged pores, which in turn gives rise to blackheads and spots.


The third and last step in Nayanthara’s skincare routine is the application of a good moisturizer. This step replenishes the skin’s own moisture and keeps it hydrated for a long time. Choosing a good moisturizer also means giving the skin all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

Nayanthara's Beauty Routine

What’s In Nayanthara’s Makeup Bag?

Nayanthara looks beautiful in every outfit and makeup. The actress is known to stun fans with her glam, even when she is out without makeup. But there are a few stables inside Nayanthara’s makeup bag without which her looks are incomplete. Here are her essentials.

Simple Foundation

The simple clean girl look is very much “in” these days, and it also happens to be one of Nayanthara’s favorites. The actress always prefers to put on a nice base before she goes out. Her matching base gives her that flawless look without much effort.

A light coverage foundation evens out the skin tone and hides whatever little blemishes are present. And the best factor is it doesn’t look too cakey, unlike heavy foundation. For those who have near-perfect skin like Nayanthara, these foundations offer glam with breathability.

Eyebrow Pencil

Sharply made, well-groomed thick eyebrows are what Nayanthara is famous for. Her face is made out to bring focus to her gorgeous eyes, and it is done so with the help of makeup. Pencils and filler suit her every occasion and complement her every look.


A beauty secret shared by the entire community of south Indian women is the use of kajals. Kohl pencils or kajals are used to lightly rim the eyes to make them seem bigger and bolder. This versatile tool is very easy to use and glides smoothly under the eyes, unlike eyeliners.


Another important eye makeup used by Nayanthara is mascara. Along with her intense eyebrows, the actress loves curled eyelashes on which she applies this product. It gives her eyes a rounder look by lengthening and volumizing the lashes.

Glossy Brown Lipstick

Nayanthara’s makeup look is complete with a nude pair of lips. The actress never forgets to coordinate her makeup where the lips are understated and brown with a sheen to them. Her signature look is made with the choice of browns over reds in the color of lipstick.

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Nayanthara’s Skincare Routine

Nayanthara’s Beauty Secrets

Nayanthara is renowned for her beauty as well as the specific steps she takes to maintain her glamour. Apart from her time on screen, she makes sure that her routine is never disturbed. The Darbar actress has a busy schedule but never forgets to follow these tips that make her glow.


One of Nayanthara’s biggest peeves is being hydrated all the time. The icon makes sure she always has water along with her, even during shoots. She also drinks a lot of fruit juices to keep herself healthy and her skin hydrated all the time.

This healthy practice also serves in keeping her pimples at bay. Apart from flushing out toxins, enough water in the system also means your skin’s pH balance is restored. These help in an overall glowing face.

Coconut And Its Amazing Qualities

Coconut and its different products are one of Nayanthara’s favorite for skin and hair care. The actress loves coconut water and drinks it as often as possible. This helps her remain hydrated as well as adds nutrients and antioxidants to her bloodstream.

Along with this, Nayanthara also uses coconut oil in her hair. Like most Keralites, she inherited the practice of using natural oils to provide her hair with enough moisture. When used as a mask, it makes sure that the hydration is sealed in. This also helps with severe scalp issues.

Ayurvedic Products

Nayanthara is unlike those in the beauty industry who spend thousands on skincare. Her distaste for store-bought chemical products is supplemented by her love for ayurvedic or natural ingredients. The diva regularly uses this organic skincare to get her naturally glowing skin.

Ayurveda has deep roots in the Indian subcontinent, as it has been tried and proven for thousands of years. Not only are they devoid of chemicals that might harm the skin, but the products are also used in the most wholesome way to promote healthy skin.

Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen

Nayanthara is very careful about the products that go on her face. But the most important skincare step that she never goes without is sunscreen. It is the most important part of her beauty routine as it makes sure that she will always retain her youthful skin.

The benefits of sunscreen cannot be ignored in today’s world. There have been enough studies to prove that the sun’s UV rays can destroy a person’s skin like no other. It is one of the biggest causes of skin cancer and also ages a person prematurely.

To avoid all of these, it is advisable to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every time you go out in the sun. Due to the extra melanin in Indian skin tone, the chances of skin cancer as less, but that doesn’t mean the skin is spared of harm.

Remove All Traces Of Makeup Before Bed

Being onscreen means putting on copious amounts of makeup. And actresses like Nayanthara know how the skin can react when these products are left to fester. If not cleansed properly, the makeup will stick to the pores and cause breakouts.

Therefore, one of the most important points in Nayanthara’s list of beauty secrets is cleaning the face properly before bed. A bedtime skincare routine helps you wake up with a glowing face. And to get that, cleaning the makeup off of your face first becomes the most important step.

What Products Does Nayanthara Use?

Neutrogena and Clinique are two products Nayanthara is known for using. Even though her preference lies towards more organic products, these two companies are much loved by the star.

What Is The Skin Tone Of Nayanthara?

Nayanthara’s skin tone is a dusky complexion. The star makes sure to apply makeup that compliments her skin tone beautifully and even ventures without foundation sometimes.

What Did Nayanthara Do To Her Hair?

Nayanthara’s biggest hair hack is massaging her roots with coconut oil to get healthy growth. This step helps in blood circulation as well as makes sure it is fully moisturized.

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Bottom Line

Nayanthara’s beauty secrets are not filled with overpriced chemicals or elaborate routines.

The actress uses simple products but always adheres to a strict routine. Her glowing skin is the result of dedicated work over a period of time.