Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Routine: How To Achieve Her Effortless Glowing Look

The Indian actress, singer, and producer Nazriya Nazim is well known for her acting skills.

The icon rose as a child anchor on TV but went on to perform stellar roles in movies like Neram and Raja Rani. Her singing career is also full of unforgettable hits like Ente Kannil Ninakkai.

But ever since her debut in Maad Dad, fans and critics alike could not deny her natural charm and beauty. But how did she cultivate her image to perfection, what are Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty secrets?

Read on to know all about the steps she takes to retain her beauty.

Nazriya Nazim's Beauty Routine

Breaking Down Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Routine

Nazriya Nazim had enchanted audiences ever since her time on Punyamaasathiloode. The icon’s beauty is not something that can ever be replicated. And she worked hard to maintain her image all these years, especially with her beauty routine that encompasses simple skincare.

Here is Nazriya Nzim’s entire beauty routine broken down, starting with her skincare regimen.

A Good Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is the best way to look beautiful, as it helps you glow from within. The latest trends are elaborate steps with multiple products. But in reality, only a few products are needed. Here are the steps which are the heart and core of healthy skincare:-


Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Routine starts with the holy grail of good skincare, the CTM. In the beauty industry, CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. If these three steps are followed regularly and the correct products are used, achieving fresh and youthful skin becomes easy.

CTM can be used by anyone with any skin type or skin issues. This method is usually used by everyone in the industry religiously, so much so that it has become a part of their daily routine. The first step, cleansing, helps remove all the dirt, impurities, and pollutants.

After this comes a toner that balances the pH of the skin, as well as tightens pores. Using a toner means the skin is now more prepared to absorb the nutrients and hydration that is to follow. And finally, moisturizer, a product without which no routine is complete.

After the application of a moisturizer, the skin becomes ready. These steps are taken twice a day for optimum results. During the daytime, moisturizer is always followed by sunscreen. Nazriya Nazim is known to never leave the house without applying it.


One of the most important products that should be included in everyone’s daily routine is the application of sunscreen. One of Nazriya Nazim’s biggest beauty secrets is using this miracle cream for its amazing benefits. The actress always has her SPF 30 at all times.

A good sunscreen, whether chemical or mineral should always be reapplied every 2 hours, especially during summer. For a person with an Indian skin tone, the chances of sunburn or skin cancer are low due to extra melanin. But that does not mean the UV rays won’t harm the skin.

For those around tinsel town, it is paramount to take precautions. And following a proper skincare routine with sunscreen helps with premature aging, wrinkles, and dark spots. So it is no wonder that an icon like Nazriya Nazim takes good care of her skin daily.

Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Tips

What’s In Nazriya Nazim’s Makeup Bag?

Nazriya Nazim’s beauty secrets include more than just great skincare. The actress is known for her subtle yet powerful makeup that complements her looks. Her aesthetics are the clean girl, no makeup look with an ethnic twist that never fails to charm. Her makeup includes.

A Highlighter

Whether the makeup is made to stun or look casual, a strong highlighter game would never look out of the spot. For Nazriya Nizam, a well-placed highlighter is a must as it adds brightness to the entire face. By applying a little on the cheekbones, your best features are accentuated.

Petal Pink Lips

Nazriya Nizam’s signature looks always include nude lips that bring together her entire makeup. Her favorite shade of lipstick is a subtle pink that resembles the petals of a flower, making her look delicate. The point of these shades is to bring the focus to her expressive eyes. 

A Dewy Blush

A blush is the best way to give a face depth and make it look flushed naturally. Nazim’s blush of choice is cream blushes that look skin-like and natural. These products are easy to blend along with being intensely hydrating, converting a bland face to one with warmth and expression.

Lined Eyes

Nazriya Nazim’s eyes are expressive and the actress knows enough about makeup to accentuate their shape. Her liners, whether simple or catlike are always sharp and bright, making her eyes look rounder. Her brows too are always well-sculpted and thick in style.

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Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Secrets

Nazriya Nazim’s Beauty Secrets

The Ohm Shanthi Oshaana actress has in her quiver, quite a few arrows that add charm to her natural beauty. But her skincare and makeup alone do not make the entirety of her beauty secrets. Here are some important beauty tips:-

A Candid Smile

Nazriya Nazim’s favorite accessory is her smile which complements every outfit. The actress is known for her candidness both onscreen as well as in real life. And her genuine smile wins hearts faster than any makeup look.

Nazim’s confidence in herself and her naturally blessed looks in accentuated by her presentation of herself. Whether dolled up for a role or sporting a fresh face, the diva always looks lovely. Her Instagram page is proof that a genuine smile triumphs over every look even in the beauty industry.

A Subtle Base

Nazriya Nazim’s beauty secrets include putting on makeup lightly so that it doesn’t hide the real skin underneath. The actress’s doctrine is that less is more when it comes to putting on makeup. But when the imperfections are embraced, it is only natural to want to accentuate the features. 

Nazim’s everyday makeup never starts with a heavy foundation. A BB cream or some concealer is more than enough for her. But a preparatory base is always important, one that helps you glow from within. Therefore, along with her moisturizer and sunscreen, the diva uses primers.

Tackle Breakouts Carefully

Nazriya Nazim is not one of those icons who never had skin issues, she is quite vocal about her breakouts. But being on the screen means putting on makeup regularly, which may inflame breakouts, causing them to never heal. But Nazim knows how to handle her skin issues carefully.

Even though the actress wears makeup, she never forgets to take it off before going to bed. Her nightly routine focuses on removing the stale makeup before moisturizing properly. She also keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water to flush out the toxins.

By taking good care of her health along with her skin, Nazim makes sure that her acne issues are well within control. She also takes care of her hair and uses sunscreen as a precaution against future breakout problems.

Nourished Hair

Nazriya Nazim’s beauty routine is never complete without a good haircare day. Her regime includes washing her hair regularly to combat any scalp issues. But that does not mean that she ignores hair nourishment. Her beauty secrets include steps to make her hair full and lustrous.

Her nourishment steps include oiling her hair to save it from the damage of styling, and pollutants. Using the proper kind of hair oil makes the hair more moisturized and supplies the necessary nutrients. That way the hair isn’t brittle and neither does it break easily anymore.

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Bottom Line

Nazriya Nazim, the Koode actress follows the beauty regime of CTM that has become popular for its effectiveness. Although she loves focusing on subtle makeup to accentuate her natural features, her beauty secrets include much more than just products.

The diva knows that a beautiful smile is enough to make any outfit look great, even without makeup. Thus, the greatest tip for looking gorgeous all the time is to be confident and embrace one’s flaws.