Pooja Hegde’s Beauty Secrets: The Simple Way To Look Stunning

Pooja Hegde, the Indian actress is known for her contribution to the Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil film industries.

The icon has played many versatile roles in movies like Cirkus, Beast, and Radhe Shyam. She became a household name after her performance in Mugamoodi.

The icon’s stunning looks never failed to awe the audience, making her stand apart. Pooja Hegde also became the second runner-up in the Miss Universe India pageant, and with that, her beauty became a name to be reckoned with. But what are Pooja Hegde’s beauty secrets?

Breaking Down Pooja Hegde’s Skincare Routine

Pooja Hegde’s Skincare Routine

Pooja Hegde looks fresh and glowing all the time. But the beauty secrets behind such radiance are not expensive procedures. Rather, the icon takes great care of her skin with simple products that yield effective results. She lets her confidence shine through her skin with these steps.


Cleansing is one of the most important steps in Pooja Hegde’s skincare regime. The icon may be a bit lazy during the mornings, but she never forgets to wash her face before everything else. By doing so, she makes sure that her face is rid of all the unwanted particles and looks fresh.

The icon has a busy schedule that has her traveling all over the place. Her profession also has her put on heavy makeup during shoots. So, to ensure flawless skin, she also uses a fash wash before bed. Thus her pores become free of stale makeup and dirt that might cause breakouts.


Hydration is an important part of Pooja Hegde’s daily routine. Her beauty secrets include drinking water to keep herself hydrated while moisturizing her skin thoroughly. The icon has often suffered from issues related to dry skin, and therefore always travels with a moisturizer.

There are many available moisturizers in the market that cater especially to dry skin. For the icon, the most effective one is a drugstore Emolene cream. This helps her heal her skin from within while combating issues like roughness as it restores the skin’s natural moisture balance.


Sunscreen is an essential part of Pooja Hegde’s daily skincare routine. The icon never ventures out of her house without its protection. She uses the Neutrogena Ultra sheer Sunscreen, SPF 50+ which offers her broad-spectrum protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

While soaking in sunlight can be an excellent way to absorb our daily Vitamin D, no one can deny its harmfulness. It has been scientifically backed by research that UV rays can cause premature aging as the face becomes full of fine lines, sunspots, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Therefore, the best way to keep your skin young and healthy is to apply sunscreen religiously. The dermatologist recommended advice is to reapply every 2 hours, especially during the summer.

What’s In Pooja Hegde’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Pooja Hegde’s Makeup Bag

Pooja Hegde loves makeup and her bag is something of an envy of other artists. The icon may prefer a clean face most times but certainly knows how to glam up when needed. Therefore her makeup essentials contain products that suit her features and accentuate them flawlessly.


Pooja Hegde is naturally beautiful with features to die for. The icon has long dreamy lashes that don’t need falsies to look stunning. And to look doe-like, she uses the best-quality mascara for her everyday look. Her current favorite is the Lancome Hypnose Drama for the bold.

Lip And Cheek Tint

Tints are all the rave currently, as they are one-product-fits-all kind of items. The handy little tubs can be used on the cheeks, lips, and even the eyes. For Pooja Hegde, carrying a tint answers all her makeup problems on the go. The icon uses the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in coral or pink.

Eyebrow Tools

Pooja Hegde has certain features that set her apart from other icons, including thick eyebrows. But her statement looks can sometimes look untamed without a little help. To keep her eyebrows in order, the icon uses spoolies and angled brow brushes to shape and contain them. 


No makeup look can be complete without a little color on the lips. For Pooja Hegde, most outings can be done with little nude pink neutrals that look natural. But for special occasions, the icon uses her favorite shade Plum in the formula matte lip color from the company bareMinerals.

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Liquid Liner

Pooja Hegde’s beauty secrets include going natural most of the time to bring focus to her features. Therefore, the icon avoids heavy eye makeup like kajals. But to get the occasional rimmed eyes, she uses the MAC Pot in shades of black and brown, as they do not smudge.

Lip Liner

For most outings, Pooja Hegde prefers to keep her lips bare of lip colors. To complement her makeup, she uses a little liner for its hint of color. Her product of choice is in the shade Soar, a natural pink color from MAC because of its smooth, creamy texture and intense pigmentation.

Tinted Moisturizer

Pooja Hegde’s preferred outdoor look is one where she can show off her bare face. The icon has embraced her skin’s natural features and textures and isn’t bothered by a few freckles. But for coverage, she uses a tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier that also has SPF 30 protection.

As the icon hates heavy-set foundations, she uses the Georgio Armani one, because of its silky, lightweight texture. It helps her glow naturally while staying on all day with buildable medium coverage.


Pooja Hegde is obsessed with perfumes and always has them near her. The icon has many in her beauty arsenal but is currently favoring the Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense. This particular fragrance is enchanting and unisex, with a universal appeal.

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Pooja Hegde’s Beauty Secrets

Pooja Hegde’s Beauty Secrets

Pooja Hegde is naturally beautiful, and the icon maintains her stunning features well. However, there is more to her beauty secrets than a good skincare routine and makeup items. Her daily life is filled with specific hacks that help her achieve glowing skin and luscious long hair.

Face Packs

Pooja Hegde’s number one concern when it comes to hydration is proper skincare. The icon constantly looks for ways to keep her skin nourished and moisturized. And for her, the best way to do that is with face packs that can be made at home, with elements found around the kitchen.

These packs not only provide the best benefits but are also devoid of any harsh chemicals that might harm the skin. The icon uses just 2 ingredients in her special beauty secret, malai/cream and haldi/turmeric. Her skincare routine, therefore, includes putting this on at the end of the day.


The first element in Pooja Hegde’s list, malai is known for its hydrating effect on the skin. But apart from intense moisturizing, it also exfoliates the skin, removing dirt, toxins, and germs from it. The combined effect results in a face that is fresh and glowing, rid of fine lines and wrinkles.


To malai, Pooja Hegde adds a dash of haldi or turmeric, a known anti-oxidant. The resultant paste is applied to the skin and left for a few minutes before being washed off. Due to its benefits, the face glows instantly. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe.

Oil Massages

Pooja Hegde, the South-Indian beauty is heavily invested in hair care. The icon believes in the highly beneficial properties of coconut oil as a way to keep her strands hydrated and nourished. To her, nothing works better than a hot oil champi to the scalp to get the blood flowing.

Coconut oil has been part of the South Asian beauty community for centuries due to its everlasting perks. Full of fatty acids, this element improves the quality of hair strands after a single use. It also rids the hair of dandruff while restoring it from damage due to styling.

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Bottom Line

Pooja Hegde, the Cirkus star has awed the world with her effortless charm and looks. And as to her beauty, the icon follows a few simple steps in her daily routine which are enough to keep her glowing. The products she uses are easily available, with some DIY packs for added benefits.